1. L

    Windows Working directly from Google Drive (desktop) pops up warning

    Hi Gamemakers! My Gamemaker Studio 2 projects live in Google Drive. I use the desktop version for Windows 10 and, until recently, everything worked just fine. Just within the last week, Google updated it's desktop program, and now Gamemaker is constantly popping up the following message: It...
  2. D

    GMS 2.3+ Avast Threat Warning

    Hello! Starting today, I'm receiving a "threat warning" from time to time for Gamemaker's executable on the Avast Antivirus. What I'd like to know is whether I should consider it a false positive or not. This is the warning popup: I've never received this kind of warning before. Please let...
  3. F

    Windows Resource Load Failures won't go away

    I recently started using GameMaker studio 2 a few weeks ago and was starting to follow a platformer tutorial, as all newcomers do, but one day I opened up my project to a list of failed "view" resources. After closing the warning, I ran the game and everything worked fine. The main issue is the...
  4. K12gamer

    Any way around the Windows SmartScreen Warning?

    When I have people download my games...I don't want them to see warnings like this... What can I do so my games don't get flagged?
  5. C

    Windows Alternative stores

    I am searching for an online game store where I can publish my Windows game (free and paid version) without the problem that customers get warnings from Windows Defender when downloading installing or (first time) running the game. Specifically I look for alternatives for Windows Store and...
  6. S

    GMS 2 Help with Debugger: How to trace grid out of bounds warning message?

    My game uses a custom procedural map generation system using ds_grids in about 20 or so scripts. The game runs fine without any crashes or errors, but when I close the game, I see one or more warning messages in the output window that look something like this: Grid 0, index out of bounds...
  7. GMWolf

    Discussion "Secure" save. considered harmful.

    Do NOT use ds_*_secure_* functions. The manual claims that the functions 'encrypt' your data, however this is simply not true... After about ten minutes of playing around with the data, as was able to 'decrypt' the data and retrieve the information rather easily. Please do not use these...