1. John Andrews

    Android Neon Wars Mobile v8.8 [Arcade endless shooter]

    Neon Wars by John Andrews A game about wiping out a bunch of neon-colored enemies, vehicles, and bosses! Download the APK! <- Click There! Gameplay: Defeat as many enemies as possible and level up to unlock weapons & gadgets, with the neon gathered from defeated enemies you can buy stuff...
  2. Misu

    Forum Game WAR!

    Build a civilization, conquer lands, and battle your opponents in this forum game! You must provide a description of your action in every post you make. For everytime you make an update, you must edit the map (if any changes are applied at all). To initiate, you must mark an unoccupied...
  3. FlamingYeti

    Legacy GM Any way to detect the corners of a room dynamically?

    Me again :P I'm hoping by slowly learning techniques from you guys, I'll become a better programmer, than just sitting trying to work out a half-arsed slightly ****ty way of doing something. The Concept I'm making a top-down game. The idea is there will be a fog-of-war style roof, allowing you...