1. S

    Windows Question about tiling

    Hi. I been trying to make a platformer in gamemaker 1.x - thinking about upgrading to gamemaker 2. I have a wall object which is just a black square. I have also made a tileset. When I make a room, I've made the layout using the wall object, stretching it out to fit the walls, stairs, ground...
  2. Nirwanda

    Wall collisions 101

    The tutorials I've seen explaining how to create walls and celing talk about creating a ceiling/wall object and coding the result if colisioning with it. But does that mean I have to make code for every specific wall? Isn't there a way to define a dummy sprite as a wall and/or floor and copy and...
  3. T

    Legacy GM Blockable Laser...

    Hi, today I have a problem, a solution and a question. I would like to do this... Now, there's a way of doing it. This way. The way of doing it is to create different points directed toward the corner of a shape, and then create two more points that go 1 degree more and less than the point...
  4. T

    GML Shooting at nearest enemie in sight

    Hey everyone! I am currently making a tower-defense survival game. But I have a minor problem. I am working on new levels for the game, and the levels get more complicated along the campaign of the game. So there is a level, with a wall. And I want my shooting towers not to be focusing enemies...
  5. M

    2d character sticks to the walls even though there's no friction (GM8.1)

    When I jump, but hit the walls (which are invisible, but I made them visible for the purpose of showing them in the video), the character stays suspended in the air, even though both the character and the walls have friction set to 0.
  6. P

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Depth problem - Image to demonstrate

    I think it's enough to see where is problem. So is there some easy way, maybe some kind of script...? to make it how it's supposed to be?
  7. N

    Legacy GM Walking on an once inaccessible terrain.

    Hi, I have some issue I might have some ideas on how to solve, but I would like some advice on which should be the most appropiate way to do it. I have this elevated terrain which serves as walls, but I want the player to be able to climb to. So, since the player will be walking on these...
  8. C

    [SOLVED] Stretching objects in room editor

    I just want to know if I'm making walls to my game and I stretch objects in room editor, does it affect game performance? Because if I make my objects bigger then I don't have to put so many objects to my room. OR :p
  9. A Random Creator

    Legacy GM Creating Enemies that can't see past a wall

    Hello everyone, I'm creating zombies in my game and I've created a system to where they can only see you within a specific radius. There is a problem with this though, the zombies can see through walls. Is there a way to make it that if there is a wall in the way, the zombie can't see you? My...
  10. V

    3D Walls Need help

    So far I've been able to make the floors and walls that I want for my first project in 3D. I've made my Camera and floor and their all working good. I'm just having trouble creating walls and Roof. Can anybody help me out with this?
  11. I

    Legacy GM Game stopped drawing walls for some reason

    Hey guys! I'm really new here, and in programming in general. So a few days ago I started making a Wizardry-type first person dungeon with walls, doors and all the good stuff. It worked like I was planning for it to work. The character was walking around wall or door or other objects, and the...
  12. M

    Game Mechanics (solved) Problems with wall appearance

    Hello! So this game I'm making involves having a whole house in a single game room. I'm using a grid to hold each position's tile, with each position in the grid being taken up by a map that will hold things like texture, tile type, the room it's part of, etc. It looks something like this: As...