1. M

    GMS 2.3+ I want to make a wall jump system, can someone help me?

    I'm currently working on a game and I'm struggling to make a wall jump system, like the ones where you jump on a wall and instead of keep climbing up, you have to jump to the other wall in other to go up, can somebody help me? (If it isn't too much to ask, I would prefer have a code example +...
  2. T

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Wall jumping without acceleration help

    Hi, I'm relatively new to gamemaker, and I've learned some basics watching Shaun Spalding tutorials. I was wondering how to wall jump without using acceleration. Every video I've watched uses acceleration like Shaun, or uses a way where the player can wall climb. I've tried making it so that if...
  3. E

    Windows (literally fourth game) Can't make the character walljump in Metroid Fan Game

    So, this is literally my fourth game ever, and i want to make a metroid fangame. I followed a basic tutorial, and changed the controls to make it feel like Super Metroid (gravity, Gamepad, Jump height, etc) and i don't know how to make a WallJump (on the same wall) Help? {...
  4. Shawn Basnett

    Momentum and other Additions to Shaun Spalding's Player Code

    GM Version: Game Maker Studio 1 (should work in v.2) Target Platform: PC (should work for HTML5 and mobile modules) Description: character movement with momentum, wall sliding, and wall jumping After a bit of work, I've created a version of Shaun Spalding's player code that includes momentum...