1. Z

    GMS 2.3+ Collisions with objects + sliding on walls

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to make collidable objects, of many different types. For now, I'm using walls as a test case. What I want to do is this: the player should collide with a wall object and still be able to move except where there is a wall. This is the setup (that can not change): 1)...
  2. FiftyFive

    SOLVED Solid Walls

    Hello i m beginner in GMS2 and my problem is I want my character to stop when it hits the wall, i tried more than 10 things but couldn't. Thanks in advance (My English is not very good, sorry if I wrote wrong)
  3. F

    Wall collision

    I have a problem, I did an object for collisions to put it in the walls (this object is solid) and in the action I did this when collide with the character, but when collide with the character, he slips to the right and when the wall is in the left, the camera don't stop shaking. What can I do...
  4. D

    Drag And Drop Jump and wall climb

    Hello to all. I have just started using Game Maker 2 with Drag and Drop. I know many of you will be against using them, but I know nothing about programming. I was able to insert the first walking animations, but I am continuing to experiment. At this point I am stuck. I wish the character when...
  5. F

    Problems with the walls

    Please I need some help. When I jump touching the wall, my character flies sliding and I don't know why. Looks like the wall has soap.
  6. DarthTenebris

    Windows Player Clipping to Wall

    Hello everybody, I am currently working on a 2D platformer, and have run into an issue. The player seems to be getting stuck in walls when walking left, but not when walking right, and I don't have a clue why. Perhaps a fresh set of eyes can help me. Create Event: Step Event: Any help will be...
  7. E

    Windows (literally fourth game) Can't make the character walljump in Metroid Fan Game

    So, this is literally my fourth game ever, and i want to make a metroid fangame. I followed a basic tutorial, and changed the controls to make it feel like Super Metroid (gravity, Gamepad, Jump height, etc) and i don't know how to make a WallJump (on the same wall) Help? {...
  8. Posho

    GMS 2 [Solved] 3D Walls in Studio 2

    Hello, With the death of d3d functions, I've been having to fiddle with vertex buffer functions which is a completely new ground to me. Whilst I was able to pull off drawing floors with textures, I can't properly pull off walls. Can anyone who knows how this works, please help me with this...
  9. Alexir

    GML Top-down game wall collision

    I'm creating a top down shooter, and I want walls that keep the player from going out of bounds. I've got some code set up that works pretty fine: (Keep in mind, my player character is named Eddy) //up and left if(place_meeting(x+eddyspeed,y,obj_wall)) { obj_Eddy.x = obj_Eddy.x - 5 }...
  10. Divinik

    Shaders Only draw part of sprite that isn't blocked by a wall?

    I have a cone of vision for my enemies, and I want it so that the part of the cone that is through a wall doesn't get drawn, and maybe also have a line drawn where it is colliding. Something like this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sYwbd0rosreMgZuA9t8khvZcK9nfsyTm/view?usp=sharing Any ideas...
  11. M

    Bullet collides but not at the same time

    i set a certain type of bullet stop when it collides with a wall, but for some reason in the next step its not colliding with it, this happens randomly but i never use rng(except for visual effects) obj_bullet step event: var block; block = instance_place(x,y,obj_solid); if (block != noone){...
  12. P

    Can't figure out how to wall hug (Drag and Drop)

    Hi everyone, I have a top-down game I'm starting to learn, and I've got the directional change etc down pat, and the collision with the walls works. However, when I collide with a wall I cant move along that wall while walking diagonally. It seems to almost stick me to the wall and restrict my...
  13. P

    Collision error [HELP]

    Hello! I need help with my collision, I'm a complete beginner when it comes to GML all my codes are just from youtube. However, I've been trying to fix a smooth collision with my objWall for several days now and I'm exhausted. I got help from many people who told me the problem but never...
  14. S

    wall that is curved

    so i have an OBJ_Wall which is a 32x32 block for a wall but i was wondering how to a curved /corner for a top down game some thing that i can rotate to use on different angles
  15. S

    GMS 2 Object only become solid after reentering the room

    Hi. I have a really weird problem. In my platformer, the player can walk on a wall object. it has the following code for collisions. if (place_meeting(x+hsp,y,obj_wall)) { while(!place_meeting(x+sign(hsp),y,obj_wall)) { x += sign(hsp); } hsp = 0; } I have made another...
  16. S

    i am confused on how to make walls

    i did tried watching a few videos but i got confused or they were not working properly so i am wondering how to add walls so all i have right now is movement here is my code so far OBJ_player Creat//: idle = 1; walking = 0; up = 3; right = 2; down = 1; left = 0; Action = idle; Direction =...
  17. M

    Weird wall collision. Need Help!!!

    Hi all, I am very new to game maker so this might be simple but I have been trying to fix it on my own and can't. I am making a game in which I have two walls and two other objects that can be controlled by the player (object 1 and object 2 for simplicity). Object 1 is supposed to go through...
  18. Edwin

    Legacy GM Help with too late collision, please!

    So I have a bullet object and wall object. When bullet collides with wall object (especially when player are near the wall), it passes through the wall and disappears (destroys). How to fix such a long time collision? bullet object: WALL OBJECT COLLISION: speed = 0; sprite_index =...
  19. P

    GMS 2 Mouse-drag object goes through wall

    I have an object (uses physics) that I drag around with the mouse. Create event code looks like this: depth = -1000; grab = false; xx = 0; yy = 0; Step event code looks like this: if(grab==true) { xo=phy_position_x+xx; yo=phy_position_y+yy; phy_speed_x = mouse_x-xo; phy_speed_y...
  20. Rizlad

    Wall Fixtures not creating as expected.

    I'm creating some scripts to create a fixture for a wall segment, (in this example a bottom), using the bottom left corner here and spanning right checking for end of the wall segment to then create the appropriate fixture. The fixtures aren't quite the right lengths and are not in the right...