wall jump

  1. Elkrom

    GMS 2 [solved]Issue with wall jump

    hey guys I'm having some trouble with this wall jump mechanic, if someone can help me out i would be forever grateful. the issue is i cant seem to get the player to jump away from the wall automatically like it does in the tutorial (Shaun Spaldings Wall jump with momentum) no matter what i try...
  2. L

    Problems with wall jumping

    Hi! I'm having some trouble with wall jumps for my plattformer. I want to make so that when I jump from the wall the character jumps outwards from the wall but it doesn't seem to work. I think it is because of inputs from the left and right key but I don't know how to prevent that. I'll paste...
  3. NovaOzuka

    Wall Jump Help Needed

    So yeah, my only reason for making an account here is because I'm trying to make a Platformer in Game Maker. I hit a snag in the coding, and I'm having trouble getting any help. Heck I can't even sign in here at home because of reCaptcha. Anyway, the code I'm using is right here. The problem...
  4. N

    How do I make a wall jump feature?

    I want to make a wall jump feature like in super Mario or other platforming games. Just like these games I want to have it push me away from the wall too. Kind of like a slight bounce or push away The code I have right now is this: if (place_meeting(x,y+1,oWall)) && (key_jump) { vsp = -12; }...
  5. Raptor_Guy

    Megaman X Wall Jumping

    Hi, I'm in the middle of creating a Megaman X fan game, and I've got just about everything movement-wise, except for a good wall jumping system. When I'm touching a wall, my fall is slowed, and I can climb walls by jumping, getting pushed out, and grabbing back on. The problem comes when I try...
  6. N

    Legacy GM Wall jump/slide animation?

    Hey guys! Once I made wall slide animation (one frame only character leaning against the wall) and it didn't look nice and smooth.. First problem was when you are on the edge of wall it looks like character is leaning against nothing...(I know it can be solved in collision code but I don't...
  7. U

    Can't get wallsliding to work [solved]

    I'm making a platformer and using Heartbeast's movement engine. what I'm trying to do is make it so that when the player is contacting a wall and is falling to play a specific sprite and slow their fall to about 70% of what it would normally be. I edited the "move_movement_entity.gml" script to...
  8. Curial Lloses

    Asset - Project Updating Platformer Gameplay templates

    Hello there, we're working on clean and improved imports of our Game Maker Studio assets to Game Maker Studio 2 and Platform Gameplay Templates has been the first in our list. FEATURES A first template with basic gameplay mechanics for new devs. Move, gravity, collisions and dead On next...
  9. Avyrra

    Design Wall Jumping - Movement Controls and Mechanics

    Long post, but I've been doing some experimenting and it's a conversation I've been wanting to have for a while. I've been scrambling together bits of code recently and testing out momentum based movement. Mostly by theory-crafting how movement can be fun on it's own if it's intuitive and...
  10. F

    Legacy GM double jump,wall jump,gravity

    I'm needing help with how or what i need to know on coding double jump,wall jump,gravity mechanics.
  11. R

    Legacy GM Wall jump now working (SOLVED)

    For some reason currently when attempting to jump off a wall the player falls straight down rather than having any upward force or direction. Things to note is i'm using a finite state machine, so that may have something to do with it. Here is my code: scr_collision(); if...
  12. cheezy_squeezy

    My Mega Man X Engine Code

    Someone asked me to share the code for my Mega Man X Engine found here: Here's the information for obj_player. Everything else is standard stuff. obj_options basically stores my control variables and obj_player_dash is the fading effect while the player dashes. They are pretty basic so I will...