1. DTheChemist

    Sprite distortion issue need help

    Ok heres my first error code issue after following a Yoyo games youtube video tutorial. /// @desc Core Player Logic //Get Player Inputs key_left= keyboard_check(vk_left); key_right = keyboard_check(vk_right); //key_down = keyboard_check(vk_down); key_jump = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space)...
  2. C

    help request: issues with grid based movement [solved]

    ok so i have been working with different movement types in game maker studio ( and have been having lots of fun with it. I have finally decided on the code below with one exception, i need them to override each other. See code then see below for more detail. Main step: #region...
  3. A

    GMS 2 Walking Problem

    Hello guys, I have been working on my rpg game project but I have struggled with walking animation. While I am pressing the "vk_right" It goes right but a little bit below the ground. Here are my codes. keyLeft = keyboard_check(vk_left) || keyboard_check(ord("A")); keyRight =...

    Legacy GM how would you make a player walk counter?

    hey yall, was just wondering if there was a way you could make a walk counter, basically everyone 100 steps you go to this room. my code for my players walking is down below: thanks for the help/suggestions! left key if (sprite_index=spr_player_NML){ sprite_index=spr_player_L; } if...
  5. T

    Animation WASD walk, stand, image speed

    Hi, so I'm trying to do a couple things with moving my sprite using WASD keys. 1st, it's a stealth game, so his speed is controlled by a global.quiet that slows down and his movement creates a 'sound' object. 2nd, I want to have the image walking animation speed indexed to the global.quiet. 3rd...
  6. V

    Android Cant Jump and Run

    Hi, My Name is Colin and my Game doesnt work as I like. I got a simple way to move my object. Also i got a simple way to jump. Objects that you Need to know: obj_left (to walk to left) obj_right (to walk to right) obj_up (to jump) obj_player (player) Walk Way: In both objects is one simple...
  7. P

    GMS 2 Object, which follows player by the shortest route in a platformer

    Hi, I am trying to make object which will follow the player using only his platform abilities, by this I mean by jumping and walking. Not going through the walls like objects in my attempts did. Do you have any hints how to make this work?
  8. C

    Object Walking (Advanced?)

    Hey I have been trying to sort this problem out for about 8-10 hours and haven't been able to find anything online to help me nor have I been able to figure it out. The goal is to create a system which uses objects for the player, which are then moved, rather than using sprite animations. I want...
  9. Hudsonius

    Best way to implement walking animations?

    So I already have my sprites and player movement (no need to talk about that) and I was wondering what the most accurate way to put walking animations into my game would be. My game is top-down so it requires 4 directional movement. The reason I would like this is because, in the game, the...
  10. BeowuIf

    Legacy GM Enemy Animation: Walking-Idle-Walking Cycle

    Hello everyone, I got the idle animation and the walking left and walking right of the dinosaur so i want to make the following animation cycle: -Tthe dinossaur will walk untill the edges of the platform -and then he stop on half way the destination stay 1 second on idle (idle animation)...