1. S

    GML Wait for path ended?

    Hello, I am making a little black jack game where the dealer deals out a card to the player after a keypress. With the keypress a new card is created which follows a path to the players "hand". The problem is that the player can press the key again before the card arrived the end of its path...
  2. SendTheGravy

    "Wait" command?

    Hi. I'm super new to programming and was just wondering if there is a "wait" command when programming. I want to have a pause between a sprite change on an object, how would I go about doing that, thanks! :)
  3. P

    [HELP] I want a 2 second delay when I click on my object then go to next room.

    I'm a GML beginner and I am trying to make a 2 seconds delay before I click on my object and go to next room My code: if mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left) { room_goto_next(); // I WANT THE 2 SECOND DELAY BEFORE THIS CODE GETS EXECUTED } Please explain all steps carefully. I am a complete...
  4. Shadowblitz16

    Discussion will gamemaker 2 support yield and wait for the new functions and possibly events?

    will gamemaker 2 support yield an wait keywords this year? I think it would make a good addition to functions and might also be useful if you could use them in events as well var x = 0 yield (x++ >= 4); wait(4); //Do something this is just example code so I'm not sure if its correct but you...
  5. G

    Legacy GM Enemy jump, wait, repeat

    Hi everyone, I'm very new to Gamemaker and GML. I've been stuck on this for a few hours now and feel like this should be obviously simple. I am making a 2D platformer and want the enemies to simply jump up and down, wait a few seconds and then repeat. I finally got the jumping part working but...
  6. DukeSoft

    Asset - Extension Native CPU-Safe sleep() [WINDOWS+LINUX]

    Hi everyone, In order to solve another problem (high CPU usage on Ubuntu servers) I needed a way to safely sleep the game thread, without wasting CPU resources. I've made this asset now, and its available for free. So far it only supports Windows and Linux but the source is out there, so feel...
  7. R

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] How do you make a wait timer between each line of code?

    I am working on an RPG with a rhythm type battle system. It would be very useful if someone knew how to write a script that would add a wait timer between a line of code without unnecessary if statements. For example: I want to be able to write something like this...
  8. P

    Time Between Texts

    Hey, I’m relatively new to GMS and I was wondering how to make a time in between two texts that appear onscreen. Example: “Hello, there!” (Wait three seconds) “Welcome to this test!” I understand I would probably need to use alarms, but I’m not sure how.
  9. A

    Wait for animation complete before switching character.

    Hello folks, I'm new to gamemaker and programming so i apologize in advance if my question sounds amateurish. In my game I would like to switch between characters and before the switch happens, I'm trying to play a small animation. I created an alarm event so that the game waits to play the...
  10. J

    How do you add a wait?

    Im trying to add a wait in between waves of enemies instead of just instantly spawning the next wave. Also, I have 100 health and the enemies do 1 damage, but its basically 60 damage because it does 1 hit every frame, so I die in 2 seconds. I want to add a wait to this and I will also increase...
  11. Carloskhard

    GML using alarms cuz code in create event don't run inmidietly.

    So my problem is that a lot of code in the create event dont seem to activate inmidiatly. For example: I have an object that creates a ds_list. Then another one that create an instance of that list in his "create event", however I got a problem saying the list was not found so I have to tell...
  12. B

    Drag And Drop [Solved]Wait

    I still trying but I can't do it! I just want a simple thing: 3 seconds are past: OK, sprite change: OK BUT there is no way to set a time to it wait to change to other sprite, and alarm is hard to use cause I will need to everytime set a new alarm and many alarms but that will let me mad! And...