1. A

    Trouble with V-Sync

    before i press alt+tab I can see the teering. After press alt+tab tearing disappears. I dont know why and how to fix this. I put this in game start: display_reset(0,true)
  2. Appsurd

    Android [SOLVED] Game runs slow on Android, only in GMS2

    A few months ago, I decided to move to GMS2. Porting all projects was relatively easy, however, apps are not running smoothly anymore on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy A8). I have tried to optimize the game as much as possible, e.g. by removing all compatibility scripts and implementing the...
  3. RyanC

    Android Game Runs Much Slower on GMS2

    Back in Feb 2018 YoYo Games changed one of the most important things that made their games look good, throwing away their only edge against other game engines. Here it is. Version 1.4.1788 and above including GMS 2 is now pants thanks to this: Changed frame-timing to now be done via Vsync on...
  4. T

    Question - IDE 75Hz Display Studders When Fps is 60

    Hi there, I have an Acer KG271 monitor that runs at 75Hz. It works fine with everything other than gamemaker. I've played games running at various frames per second with no issue. However, both GMS 1.4 and GMS 2 share a problem; games set to 60 fps (or anywhere from 1 - 143) studder. 144fps...
  5. T

    Question - IDE Low FPS with V-sync on

    Working with Game Maker Studio 2.1 on Windows 10 I'm working on the project and I have an issue with low FPS on Fullscreen mode with V-sync on. PC is capable to run the game in high frame rate. The game is set to run at 60 fps (room speed) and it does on the majority of computers. Strange thing...
  6. H

    Windowed mode and Vsync issues

    Currently when I want to activate or deactivate Vsync with the function display_reset () in windowed mode, the current video game image is frozen but the game is still running. This doesn't happen if I activate Alternative Vsync in windowed mode. I would like to know if anyone else has this...
  7. jmakegames

    Legacy GM Alternate Synchronization Method - High CPU?

    Hey all! Just working on a project and noticed my CPU usage was a little high (sits at about 30%) when running my project (within GMS and the standalone .exe). I was trying to figure it out and found that the high usage was caused by using the Alternate Synchronization Method. I often use this...
  8. C

    Question - IDE Using Synchronization while in fullscreen locks my game to 50 fps.

    As said in the title the synchronization locks my game to 50fps when in fullscreen and I can't figure out why. Tabbing in and out of the game fixes the issue which makes it even more confusing. Anyone have any idea why?
  9. D

    GMS 2 Screen Tearing Issue Implomenting V-Sync

    Hey everyone, I've recently been working on implomenting an adjustable resolution system within my project including a full screen mode. I quickly noticed I was getting screen tearing, that only ocured when I was running my game in full screen mode. So after poking around the internate I...
  10. Roastedzerg

    Possible Memory leak (solved)

    Hey gmc, Ive been having some lag issues in my game with vsync turned on (turning it off creates lots of tearing in the game, but it runs alot smoother with only a little lag) And i think it might be the priority queues i have set up in each enemy object to search for the player. Im sure its...
  11. meltypixel

    Question - IDE Will "alternate synchronization method" come to GMS2?

    I recently upgraded my project to GMS2. I've had issues with the default synchronization method in 1.4, but I found success using the "alternate synchronization method" previously available in the advanced Windows graphics settings. It seems this is no longer an option in GMS2. Is the...
  12. A

    Enabling vsync while in fullscreen cuts framerate

    Hey there! I've noticed an odd issue recently that I've had trouble finding an answer for. I use the window_set_fullscreen(...) function to toggle fullscreen, and display_reset(...) to enable or disable vertical synchronization. What I've found is that in certain rooms, enabling vsync while...