1. SirCaliber

    GML [SOLVED] Objects will start with a random hsp variable, but only when created by a certain object.

    I have an object, oCorpse, that creates a random amount of oLoot objects when it is created. In those oLoot objects' create event, they get a random hsp and vsp variable. But the hsp only works if it was created by oCorpse, not by oChest. (oChest) On Collision with oBolt: with(other){...
  2. L

    GML Object goes 1 pixel too far with anti-gravity

    I've tried using my normal method of gravity and vertical collision and making it work for anti-gravity, or in other words, falling upwards and not downwards. // Create Event vsp = 0; grv = 0.1; jumpsp = -2; // jump_delay used for staying on the ground 50 frames before jumping again...
  3. JeanSwamp

    Speed based on distance

    Hello, I'm trying to set the vspd of an object be based on the distance to another object. Basically var _dist = distance_to_point(other.x,other.y); var _speed = ?? vspd = lerp(vspd,_speed,0.4); Idea is to get the current speed and lerp to the actual speed, which has to be set based...
  4. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 Vertical (vsp) Moving Platforms

    Finishing off my moving platforms for my project and this one is really giving me a headache. I have a vsp platform but my player object keeps cliping/falling through it when the platform goes up after hitting a wall. On top of that the game freezes, not crashes, no doubt due to the while...