1. Bukmand

    Asset - Demo [TCP] Simple Online Voice Chat

    Voice chat between 2 clients or more. Tested on Windows 10 How to use: Create server. Press enter to choose your microphone. Press C to connect to your server. Hold space to voice chat. Download: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/8747/simple-online-voice-chat
  2. PabloDiez

    Legacy GM Question Programming- SOUND & TEXT

    Hello. Im trying to do some sort of undertale-like dialogue in which characters talk to the protagonist through textboxes. Thing is I have recorded the lines of the characters because I want their lines to be heard at the same time they are appearing on-screen... but i dont know how to insert...
  3. B

    Job Offer - Audio Seeking Voice Actors for Small Simple Phrases

    Hello, I am working on a project that has a variety of playable characters and I want to add a bit of charm by having a few phrases for each one. I am seeking these to be a "cartoony" voice. Right now I am seeking unpaid volunteers, but your name will be in the credits as Voice Actor. I you...
  4. D

    GMS 2 Simple Voice Over and Responding to Audio

    Hi, I have animations for my sprite in which they appear to be talking and have come up with a system in which I have a "talk" variable for each of my sprites that needs to talk. I am currently using an alarm system in which the animation is told to begin and to stop, along with playing audio...
  5. C

    Curse Voice server for GM Developers

    Hey there! I am Caloxeno, a GM newbie, And I just created a Curse Voice server for GM developers! You can enter it by following this link: https://curse.com/invite/b6Cz0fqcEkqzQhaBaA21VQ In case you are curious, I will answer some FAQ: What´s Curse Voice? I will give you the easiest...