1. Edwin

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Black hole space distort (bend) effect?

    How to make the object (black hole) do this effect? Maybe shader or something else? This is how it needs to look like: It's gravity is so powerful, that bends space around itself! \( o_o)/ Thanks for your future help =)
  2. S

    Portfolio - Art 2D Animator + Illustrator

    Hey everyone! My name is Rita. I am a freelance animator and illustrator. I have focussed on Animation over the last four years, coming from Illustration and Fine Arts background. I am a professional artist of academic training and more than 10 years of freelance experience, working in...
  3. M

    Visuals not working accordingly with code, pls help!

    Hey everyone, I have a problem with the visuals of my game, they are not working properly. I am talking about my health bar. The healthbars color (little blue stripe at the end) stays were it is and the bullet hit from the enemy visual doesn't angle right, but I have used the same code as the...
  4. S

    Graphic Design possibilities in GM

    Hello GMC, After many years of deliberating I have finaly decided to go trhough with my idea of creating a game. Probably a story that is heard more frequently on these forums. For various reasons GM has become my choice of development software. But I do have a question in regards to...
  5. Dusk_Ealain

    GMS 2 How to Set Up a Darkest Dungeon-esk Combat System?

    Howdy, so this will hopefully be my last "Help" related post for a while, but my project has evolved quite a bit and is now looking a bit more like a traditional RPG. But I wanted to give it a bit more of a 2D perspective, which was pretty easy to do, but combat has gotten into the mix and now...
  6. K

    Graphics LED Display-Style button

    I need opinions on which of these you think would look best for a game with a mostly neon/vibrant-colour-on-black look. I know they're not too different, but small things can make a big difference. (also note that they aren't actually going to be a 1-1 size ratio in game, and will be enlarged.)
  7. Genetix

    Released College Days - A visual novel/Adventure Game

    I would like to show you all my new game College Days. It is currently available for free on Google Play for Android devices. I would absolutely love any feedback on the game and how to improve it. Here is a direct link to download the game...
  8. Dragon47

    Asset - Extension Color Coding Files (free)

    A collection of 16 color files to change the color coding style of the GameMaker IDE. After you've imported the included files, go to File > Preferences > Scripts and Code, and click "Import" in the "Colors" section. Locate the included files in the "datafiles" folder in your project directory...