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    HTML5 Felipe Femur: Scary Stories For Kids 2

    Hey guys, I used to post on these forums, but I guess my account is gone now that they have been updated. Anyways, I'm making a new game that is the sequel to a game I made back in 2014. This new game is called Felipe Femur: Scary Stories For Kids 2. I'm looking for some feedback such as...
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    Asset - Scripts Edge VN - Advanced, Easy-to-Use Visual Novel Engine

    Edge Visual Novel Engine (Edge VN) Marketplace: Primary Category: Scripts Price: $19.99 Modules: Any Support: Demo: Description: Edge VN is a fully cross-platform text, character...
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    Demo Deduction: A 'Graphic' Novel

    Hello there, everyone! I’d like to show you what I’ve been working on as a summer project! Deduction is a Visual Novel that takes a lot of inspiration from games like Danganronpa and Zero Escape. Premise: Six different characters are locked inside a shelter, and three of them must die...
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    Demo Wotan: A Norse Beat 'em Up Where Choices Matter

    Currently on Kickstarter! Download the demo ( Wotan is a visual novel combined with gameplay of a classic arcade style beat ‘em up where choice matters and fighting is not the only option. Inspired by old school brawlers, modern day adventure games, and Norse mythology Wotan...