visual novel

  1. L

    Job Offer - Artist [For Hire] Background artist open for commisions. Starts from 50$

    Hello! I am Ruslana, background artist with experience in creating and illustrating novel games. My portfolio with high quality images: my ArtStation my DeviantArt...
  2. Kultisti

    Released Lonely People Potion Shop!

    Somewhere deep inside the magical forest forgotten lies a hut, a potion shop! ~ ~ ~ ✿ ~ ~ ~ The creatures of the lands near and far come visit this tiny place sharing their stories, feelings, thoughts on the mystery that's about to unravel... And it's your job to pour 'em some potions...
  3. D'Andrëw Box

     Gameflow Designer - A tool to make text based games easily.

    < This tool is still on early access, so i'll love to recieve some feedback! > -< DESCRIPTION >- Gameflow Designer is a tool to make easy game progression flowcharts and dialog trees with data that you can export and import as .JSON files! This tool fills the visual gap between...
  4. L

    For a visual novel-ish vibe

    How do i create the effect of the text box fading in and the text being typed and then it fading out when the player presses a letter/number to progress?
  5. F

    Learning resources for RPG/Visuel novel style ?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here so I'll quickly introduce myself : I'm a back-end web developer who's always loved video games but decided just recently to finally game dev. I've tried Unity a bit and enjoyed it but felt that it would be a bit overkill for the kind of games I'm...
  6. S

    Portfolio - Audio [For Hire, Paid] Composer Specialising in RPG/JRPG/Visual Novels

    Hi all! I'm a composer who specialises in RPGs, JRPGs and visual novel games and I'm looking for new projects! Feel free to contact me at: Or connect with me on: Twitter: Discord: Slaleky #4575 Facebook...
  7. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Branching corpses - Connect

    What is this? This game was made for the Extra Credits Jam #4, for which the theme was "Connect". For this reason, I made two games that connect to each other by sharing information between them. This game is open source, featuring previously used musics, and uses the Kuleshov effect, which you...
  8. C

    Alpha In the Mind (Alpha) - NEED FEEDBACK

    For for exactly one week, I have been working on a simple Visual Novel/RPG. It will be broken up into four different levels. Each I hope will end up resulting into a 1 hour game run time to tell the story. Which goes as follows - Color is HUGE and I mean HUGE in this game, color represents...
  9. Tsa05

    Asset - Project SLIDGE - A Visual Novel and Dialog Creation tool

    StormingLeech Interactive Dialog Game Engine (Limited time, whole engine is $3 to give more people a chance to play) DEMO* VIDEO (Zzzzz--a 17-minute long explanation of how to set up data and start building a game. Boring but thorough.) How-To Wiki *Some features in the demo are odd due to...
  10. H

    Gml Ren'py

    I am working on a visual novel with rpg elements like 2d game environment, turn based fighting, inventory, stats and such. I need some help. I'm not sure how to implement the visual novel aspect. I like how the Ren'py engine works with labels, and jump and show and such. If there is any help...
  11. F

    Portfolio - Art Background artist for you

    Hello, i'm Alexander Vetrov, environment artist. Basically, I worked on stylized projects, but I'll be glad to work in a half-realism / realism. I can make backgrounds for quests or for platformers (like this war of mine). Everything that is connected with the environment - I will do it...
  12. 4

    Team Request Artist for a mini VN demo

    Hi, I will be uploading to the marketplace an easy "write and make" kind of visual novel framework this weekend (it is already complete, I'm working on the documentation), and want to make an html5 demo of it. I'm looking for an artist that wants to do, or already has in his portfolio, 3 upper...
  13. B

    How to advance from one script to the next?

    Hello, I'm working on a visual novel engine. The game has an array of strings that display one at a time for the first scene. What I want to do next is, when the text in one array has all been read, advance the script containing the strings to the next script. The purpose for this is to better...
  14. D

    Game Mechanics TopDown Shooter / Visual Novel

    Hi there, I'm new here and I don't know where to post this request, so I thought I just do it here. So far, the only gamemaking knowledge I have is with RPG Maker MV, Tyranobuilder and a bit of Ren'Py. In other words, I'm a complete newbie. I have an idea for a game, a mixture between Topdown...
  15. L

    Asset - Extension VNgen - Next-gen Visual Novel and Sequenced Animation Engine

    About: Easily create dynamic visual novel content and sequenced animations with VNgen by XGASOFT. Powered by Quantum, VNgen uses a powerful scripting system within GameMaker Studio, breaking the limits of GML to deliver high-quality presentation both in the IDE and on target devices. A...
  16. U

    Job Offer - General MAXHEART™ Game Needs Writer [Paid]

  17. Tsa05

    GMS 2 draw_wrapped_colored_text() optimization (The mother of all textboxes)

    I've written a script to answer the following issues: How do I change color in the middle of text? How do I change fonts in the middle of text? How do I word wrap my text inside a box? How do I do typewriter text? How do I make my text look like <gameName>'s text? How do I center my...
  18. A

    "Project Color" Ideas

    "In order to form the perfect Soul, three key essences are required: Essence of Heart - Formed from the purity of a loving mother who lost her son... Essence of Mind - From a cunning godfather wishing to restore the destroyed towns... And Essence of Body - From a brute veteran, labeled...
  19. A

    Team Request Pixel Art Visual Novel is looking for a Game Maker programmer

    Hello there, gals and guys! I'm starting my second year in game development and even though I plan to learn both Game Maker and GML, I'm looking for a programmer willing to collaborate with me and my artists on making our current project for Windows. I can't share the tittle of the game just...
  20. Roencia

    Discussion How do you like your heroine? Omni Link - Scifi Adventure (manga, GM game, art, video & music)

    Dawn is the type who will take you down and do it with a straight face. She's protective, and obeys without question, and best of all she's not real. Designed with advanced technology from a civilization long extinct, she is truly one of a kind. She will surprise you with new abilities around...