visual effects

  1. VR456

    Legacy GM [Solved] Change position of a sprite made with Draw event

    I want to achieve a simple effect in GMS 1.4 – when a level finishes, "level_complete" sprite generates out of bounds, and then "falls" down to a certain position. I thought something as simple as a block of Draw event code (inside an object for stage control) below would work, but it just...
  2. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Demo VFX- Particle Demo

    Links VFX Particle Demo -Learn how to use the native Gamemaker Studio particle systems using this demo -Everything is simplified and concisely written...
  3. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Project (All-in-One) GMS2 Camera with Screenshake, follow, screen-effects, and more

    This thread will serve as documentation for those who've purchased the asset Check out the main page on Importing into your project First thing's first. How does everything work? Where do I start? How do I avoid breaking everything? Controls Explaining the code There are...
  4. Pfap

    [SOLVED]visual timer hourglass

    Ok, I've been struggling with this for a few hours. I want to draw a visual timer on screen as an hour glass. I have one sprite which is an empty hourglass and is the sprite of my hourglass object. Then I have a second sprite which is double the sand needed of the hourglass. (Think of a pyramid...
  5. T

    Legacy GM Effects without objects?

    Well, I'm creating a bullet hell (Not necessary to know what it is) and... In this kind of games most of the screen is covered by visual effects (Such as explosions, waves, wind, etc...) The way I did this in the previous version of the game was by using objects with sprites. I started the game...