visual development

  1. Paul R Birkholtz

    GMS 2 Create New Visual Programming Blocks?

    I'm trying out the visual programming because it feels pretty well made, I know I can just use GML to use extension commands. So can we add to the visual programming toolbox? I know there is the code tool block which lets you write GML but I don't see a way of saving that into a reusable piece...
  2. G

    Job Offer - Programmer [Paid] GMS2 Wall Jump and Clift Hang/Swing Logic Needed

    Hello GMS professional, I am looking for somebody to hire who can make some wall jump mechanics and a cliff-hanging/swinging mechanic for GMS2. 1. Wall Jumping: When the character object collides with the wall, they will stick to it for a set amount of time (maybe 2 seconds) before falling...
  3. Kirbyrocket

    Polish or develop first?

    I've heard many people take different stances on the argument of whether or not they should polish the design of their game at an early stage of its development, but I'm curious what the general consensus is on this matter. I personally prefer to
  4. L

    Portfolio - Art Visual Development/ 2D Concept Artist - for hire

    Hello, I'm Lillian and I'm a visual development and concept artist. I specialize in environment and prop designs, however I won't shy away from characters! Other skills I have include, turnarounds (orthographics), callouts, layouts, and illustrations. You can find my work on my site...