1. N

    Windows [SOLVED] Objects hidden by new empty layer

    Hello, This afternoon, I've been encountering a very weird issue, and I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if it's a bug. Basically, I added in my room a new layer "Blood" which is empty (and filled when killing an enemy) and it made my walls (from another layer) disappear. Walls were still...
  2. N

    Keyboard Check Pressed Moves through 2 Objects on Vk_Left

    Hello all, very new to game maker studio. I have an Action Select Obj that I want the player to be able to cycle through, I have a step event that where I check if the keyboard_check_pressed is vk_left then hide the first object and show the second. The problem is when I add a step event that...
  3. S

    Windows Assets not visible

    Why is only one asset not visible? o_player isn't visible, although its working. [SOLVED]
  4. S

    Windows Assets not visible

    The sprites of the objects are not visible, but the objects themselves exist. I'm sure I made their layers correct, and they are tagged visible. one of the examples-
  5. Muddykat

    GMS 2 Large amount of tiles need to disable tiles outside of view

    I can't find a way to do this. I quite literally make the entire static game room out of tiles and grid data. if I increase the size of this past 1024x1024 by anything more then around 400, my draw step goes up at least 80% cause massive lag. the only reasonable way to get both the larger...
  6. T

    Legacy GM Make object visible if "level" is completed

    Hi, I would like to make it that a button in a room is visible when an if statement completes successfully. I have tried to use the below within the if statement and declaring the object as not visible in the creation code, but the object appears the whole time. Creation code for room...
  7. B

    Legacy GM Collision Event Causing Sprite Flicker

    Hello everyone! I'm having a super annoying problem: I have it set up so that when the player is on a platform, it turns that platform visible, and all objects that are on that SPECIFIC platform are also turned to visible. The way I am doing this is thus: In the collision event of the...
  8. J

    Trouble with post-draw instance destroy

    I have coded for a hitbox to be created when the player is attacking like so: // Hitbox if (image_index >=0) && (image_index <1) { with(instance_create_depth(x,y,0,obj_hitbox)) { image_xscale = other.image_xscale; with...
  9. G

    GMS 2 [Solved] Can I hide one object (invisible) in one of the views?

    Hi guys. I am making a local multiply shooter game, using split screens. I need a stuff like bush in LoL, where another player can't see you when you are inside and he is not. I would like to know if this is possible in GMS, and how to do that. Thanks!
  10. N

    Object not turning visible when button pressed

    I'm trying to make a computer version of Starfleet Battles, and I'm trying to implement the firing system. When you click the 'fire' button, the UI where you choose which weapon you want to fire appears. And when you press the button again, it dissapears; going back to movement mode. What's...
  11. Ayziak

    Quick question regarding "with all" function..

    So I'm working on a debug menu for my game, and I want it so that if the 'V' key is pressed, it will turn all of the invisible objects visible at an alpha value of 0.5. Next time the key is pressed, all of those objects will be made invisible once again. So far, I've tried testing for all the...