1. A

    Virus on compilation

    Weird situation, GM:S compile all with virus, virustotal confirm 6 of 67. I scanned my pc with Dr. Web cureit, but it says nothing found. Tried to again install license from yoyo games, get compiled, throw it on virustotal, 3 of 67. After hour, compiled it again, and got 6 of 67. Full scan...
  2. Kezarus

    Windows Norton error SONAR.ProcHijack!g45

    Hi! I hope this is not as hard to answer as it sounds. A user of my game is experiencing a Norton issue accusing the game that is a virus. But not during install, only AFTER the player quit the game. But at quit game, I do nothing. The only thing that the game does during the gameplay is a lot...
  3. Didjynn

    false positive and windows smartscreen

    Hi guys, I will release my game in some weeks on steam but I'm stressing a lot because of windows smartscreen (that isn't so smart if you ask me) and ati-viruses that tend to block game maker .exe export. I'm afraid half of the people would have problems with the game because of that and was...
  4. N

    Legacy GM Game detected as malware.?!

    Malwarebytes antimalware detects my game as malware (MachineLearning/Anormalous.100%) But on virustotal it doesn't detect a virus...
  5. Turbulence421

    GMS 2 Execute Shell to Scan for Viruses?

    Hello, I have a project which allows users to send their project files to a server so they can share and play each other's projects. I would like to make the community environment as safe as possible by scanning all files for viruses/malware before they are put them on the server. At first, I...
  6. J

    Windows False positive with all versions of executables (exe, zip, and installer) - Game detected as virus.

    Hey all. So I got a problem that has been getting on my nerves for the past couple of days. I just published (drafted) a small project on, yet every time I create an executable (compile the game) in any form (exe, zip, or installer) Windows Defender sees it as a virus. I have confirmed...
  7. W

    Why am I getting this?

    Hi, the last 2 days when I try to visit these forums from my phone I'm getting this popup, looks pretty shady to me, anyone else getting this???
  8. Adrien Dittrick

    Windows She can't control it

    She can't control it can be played here: It is a game I made for low-rez jam, the goal was to use a resolution of 32*32 pixels. I used an advantageous zooming system for that. Cute artwork awaits after every level! What is this about? Lily...
  9. C

    Legacy GM Windows executables contain a virus (Gen:Variant.Mikey.49697)

    I first found it in some old GameMaker games from a year ago, but now my anti-virus recognizes all my Windows executables as a virus. Here's one from a few hours ago: Does...