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  1. FrostyCat

    Linux Ubuntu Build Box for GMS 2

    Ubuntu Build Box for GameMaker Studio 2 You can now set up the Ubuntu build pipeline in GMS 2 hands-free using VirtualBox and Vagrant! Details and download available here: https://github.com/dicksonlaw583/Gms2UbuntuBox
  2. W

    SOLVED Creating a collision system with a Virtual Joystick

    Hi! I've just recently started out with GameMaker and was wondering about collisions... There are many tutorials on typical x and y collisions, but I am looking to implement these with a virtual joystick, and I cannot seem to find any help online. It would also be nice to have smooth collisions...
  3. PrismaticRealms

    Asset - Extension PRVircon: Add virtual on-screen controls using this powerful, professional extension. (NEW!)

    Greetings everyone! My company, Prismatic Realms Inc. and I would like to introduce our 3rd GameMaker Studio 2 extension, just released on the marketplace! It's called PRVircon. This extension will allow you to easily add virtual on-screen controls (joysticks and buttons) to your games for...
  4. Bladevampirek

    I want to make a virtual onscreen keyboard using Game Maker Studio.

    I want to make a Keyboard program for Windows in which a user can open on their screen, then type, and the keystrokes they press will light up. I know how to do this, but I don't know how to make it work in the background while the user is typing in their browser or on Notepad.exe, any...
  5. Nahual

    Android / Amazon Fire Virtual keys, the right way?

    Hello to all my GMS users out there! First, I want to say that I am beyond happy with how much this community has grown and how well GM still does around game developers. :D I do have a conundrum that I cant seem to shake off lately and I was hoping anybody here could perhaps lend me a hand...
  6. samspade

    Asset - Objects Button Pack

    Available for GMS 2 (with the exception of array initialization, should be backwards compatible with GM:S 1) GET IT HERE Description This project is meant to be comprehensive and easy to use. The goal is to provide the foundation for virtually any standard button, slider, toggle, etc that you...
  7. Samuel Venable

    Demo Virtual Visit Maker (Prototype)

    Formerly known as "Adventure Window", a super old project of mine I decided to get back to. Make your own virtual visits and first-person point-and-click games. With my custom game engine, "Virtual Visit Maker", you can make high quality, cross-platform, first-person, point-and-click...
  8. A

    Android / Amazon Fire Creating Virtual D-Pad for Mobile Game

    I have been trying to do this for 8-9 hours now, I cant get it to WORK! Every tutorial is either 4-5 years old or in spanish. Im a beginner and this is kinda frustrating that mobile implementation of keys can be this hard. I currently started with the tutorial: But the video involves Xbox...
  9. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q:Virtual keys

    how do you people handle virtual keys? im really not sure how to approach them and the manual doesnt say much. for instance, what happens if i set a var to a vkey, then set that same var to another vkey? does it create a leak? does it delete/replace the old vkey? do i aways have to delete the...
  10. W

    Android / Amazon Fire Virtual Joystick

    Greetings As i started to make my game avaiable for android devices (due to reasons of popularity-winning on my country) i wanted to program the game firstly with the Virtual Joystick, but i don't know how to do it on a certain way, so i called for help for this. Here's a mockup of the Virtual...
  11. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 get ds_map children list by using a parent entry?

    can someone explain how to built a list of my widgets children including the widget itself? I want to loop them and bring them to the top of the list I since its ds_maps and not objects I am using virtual parenting /// @desc ze_widgets_init() #macro X 0 #macro Y 1 #macro W 2 #macro H 3 #macro...
  12. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 run code in virtual children?

    can someone help me understand how to loop though all the virtual children and run code inside them? basicly I want to be able to run code in widget that are children of the widget I click on. each widget has a parent variable pointing to the instance of the parent widget I want to be able to...
  13. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 multiple animations per sprite strip

    does any body know the best way to do virtual animations where I can specify what frames are in the animation and how fast it animates, but use a single sprite strip? for example I might have this image and I might have animations of it rolling left, rolling right, tilting left, tilting right...
  14. A

    Virtual Joystick/GamePad Help (360d movement)

    Hi, I am trying to implement a virtual joystick into my game so that I can have true 360 degree movement. I was wondering if anyone had some example code or ways on how to do this? Thanks. This is what i'm trying to achieve (The joystick in this picture)...
  15. R

    Virtual Keypad for your game!

    Virtual Keypad by r82 GM Version: GM8 and GM:S Target Platform: ALL Download: Download from Dropbox (*.zip) Links: N/A Summary: Sometimes you may wanted to use a virtual keypad in your game, specially for touch devices. This tutorial shows you how to display a virtual keypad on the screen...
  16. A

    amariah public beta

    Hi everyone! So I've been working on a free alternative for doing mirror/symmetrical drawing and created "amariah" using Game Maker Studio. I've used it to create images for games made in Unity, 3D Game Studio, and of course Game Maker Studio and some games are freely downloadable on the main...
  17. Binsk

    Windows [UPDATED: 6/6/17] HTC Vive Support [Github Repo]

    EDIT: This project is long dead, poorly organized, and will need a complete rewrite to work with current systems. I may do so in the future but at this point in time it is only good as a casual reference. Hello everyone. Introduction: I have been trying to add support for the HTC Vive to...
  18. Binsk

    Legacy GM Fast access to surface data possible?

    Hello everyone. I am currently attempting to write a wrapper DLL of sorts for OpenVR in order to use the HTC Vive with GameMaker. So far I am able to push rendered data from a GameMaker surface onto the HMD by passing the color data in a u8 BGRA-formatted buffer which I can then pass into an...