virtual machine

  1. G

    GMS 2.3+ YYC Compiler Not Working With Visual Studio 2019

    I have encountered a strange bug. I reported this bug several weeks when VS 2019 became a requirement (I was already using 2019 and had had success with the YYC) but the new update did not address. It is as if the YYC does not "see" a constructor. Using target VM: Create Event...
  2. FrostyCat

    Linux Ubuntu Build Box for GMS 2

    Ubuntu Build Box for GameMaker Studio 2 You can now set up the Ubuntu build pipeline in GMS 2 hands-free using VirtualBox and Vagrant! Details and download available here:
  3. P

    Linux Ubuntu build with virtual machine, cannot connect

    Hi. My aim is to compile to Linux using Ubuntu on a virtual machine. My ultimate goal is to use GameMaker to create arcade style games and run them on a banana pi board, so I can develop and build arcade machinces as a project with my high school students. I'm new to virtual machines and...
  4. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Script Not Working with YYC but Works with VM

    Hello, when I finished a demo of a game in development my testing was done using the VM (Virtual Machine) export and everthing worked like it should. But, when I exported using the YYC (YoYo Compiler) the attached script doesn't work. It just hangs up. These are custom scripts by the way...
  5. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM [UNSOLVED] Mac OS X export on Windows does not work

    Hello! Im trying to create a mac app of my game so mac users can also play it. I have GM:S 1.4 with all modules, and im running mac os x 10.12 on a virtual machine. I have these settings below: And below here you see the virtual Mac OS X 10.12, but whenever i press on run in game maker, i get...