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  1. P

    Linux Ubuntu build with virtual machine, cannot connect

    Hi. My aim is to compile to Linux using Ubuntu on a virtual machine. My ultimate goal is to use GameMaker to create arcade style games and run them on a banana pi board, so I can develop and build arcade machinces as a project with my high school students. I'm new to virtual machines and...
  2. jb skaggs

    Discussion How I installed win 7 on virtual box for gamemaker

    Okay this was more complicated and had fewer guides than I thought. to install Gamemaker 1.4 (and maybe 2.0) I first had updated my ubuntu to 17.10. Downloaded and installed latest ver of Oracle VirtualBOX installed it in Ubuntu. Ran virtualbox Created a new VM (Virtual machine) used the...
  3. jb skaggs

    Discussion installing to virtual box- why is net4.5 so slow ?

    I'm installing gm 2.0 to a win virtual ox on ubuntu 17.1 and when gm gets to net4.5 it takes almost an hour to get 99% done then it got to optimizing the build and after an hour hung, my whole ubuntu hung and I had to perform a hard reboot. Any suggestions as to why? Or is there a history...