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  1. zendraw

    GMS 2 using 2 viewports

    im using 2 viewports, 0 follows player, 1 is set at the edges of the room so when i get to the edge i can warp around. but now i see view1 port? i want to see view1 only when i get to the end of the room and only a part of it. what am i doing wrong
  2. F

    Windows Resource Load Failures won't go away

    I recently started using GameMaker studio 2 a few weeks ago and was starting to follow a platformer tutorial, as all newcomers do, but one day I opened up my project to a list of failed "view" resources. After closing the warning, I ran the game and everything worked fine. The main issue is the...
  3. M

    How to check if certain number of objects are inside view?

    Hi, how can I check: if for example 50 instances of object are inside view[0] = stuff happens? thanks beforehand!
  4. JeanSwamp

    Vertical Parallax 2D Sidescrolling

    Hello, I'm having issues trying to get a good looking vertical parallax. I notice most people just do layer_y(layer_id, y/speed); but this doesn't really work very well, unless your room height is pretty much always the same, sort of a Super Mario level. I'm trying to achieve a result where if...
  5. Gillen82

    Active Area Not Working [SOLVED]

    Hey guys... Been a while from I was last doing anything in GMS, so I need some help if possible? I am try to create an active area with a buffer zone around the view. The issue arising is that when applying the value for the buffer zone, the active area is only working within the view, and not...
  6. Coded Games

    GMS 2 Split screen but one view is rotated.

    Ok so I'm trying to do this fairly complicated split screen effect where I have one view on top of another. The view on top needs to be rotated so that the bottom edge of the view forms a diagonal line across the main view (view0). See whiteboard diagram: Along with that, I want the content...
  7. Hax4Ever

    GML Centering a room in a view larger than the room? [SOLVED]

    Yes I'm aware that it's not the best thing to have a view larger than a room, I've given my game a dynamic aspect ratio horizontally as means of better displaying the art created for it without distortion. It works properly so long as the room's width is equal to or greater than the width of...
  8. EvanSki

    GMS 2 Can I get some help with setting up a camera?

    Hi, so i've tried tutorials on making cameras and everyone talks about them different, sets them up different. Its just left me confused and disoriented. I would love it if I could make a camera that has the viewport centered on a target (ex.the player) and that viewport be the size of the game...
  9. noto

    Need some help with a specific use of views

    Sorry for coming here with such a rookie concern! Seems simple enough but it's giving me such a headache. I'm trying to have the game run on a smaller window, yet still at its full resolution (1920x1080) in a window of 1200x674 or so. Surrounding it I'd like there to be interactable gui, menus...
  10. Double7

    GMS 2 Trying to figure out best way to switch between different game views

    So I am pretty new to GMS2 but I am a long time user of GMS. I'm currently trying to think of the best way to get scene transitions between two scenes. One scene features a player's space ship which is flying through space and shooting other ships and what not. The other scene would be the...
  11. CoconutBun

    GMS 2 Seamlessly Looping Rooms by using Views and Surfaces?

    I've been trying to get a seamlessly looping room working in game maker studio 2. If you ever played Yume Nikki or used RPG Maker its kinda like the room looping in that. I'm a little new to using multiple views and haven't used surfaces before so I'm running into some trouble. My current plan...
  12. U

    GMS 2 Mouse_x/y and views

    Hey Everyone, I have a very strange problem which I seem unable to solve by myself. What am I trying to do: I want get the angle (for direction/image angle purposes) of my sword object compared to the mouse when I click the mouse button. This sounds simple enough...
  13. L

    Mac OSX Can't Load Views

    One project I'm working on says resource failures encountered, and it says "failed to resource all the 'views'." Are these important and will they affect my game? I can still run my game but I'm worried about this causing a problem in the future. If so, how do I fix it?
  14. Gillen82

    GMS 2 Active Region [SOLVED]

    Hi guys, Hoping someone has an answer for me (and it's probably an easy answer). I am trying to deactivate objects that are outside a region (view plus buffer outside the view), and reactivate them as they come into the buffer zone. The instances are deactivating fine, but only reactivating...
  15. L

    View showing subsections

    Hello! I will try explaining what I want to do: So, for example, I have these 4 rooms. Red is what is shown on Screen, blue is the player. I want the camera to follow the player, but I want it to always show the current room. I dont want it to scroll. For example, if our player goes to the...
  16. TrilL

    Need Help with Alternate View using Mouse Input

    So Im working on a game where I have a little view that comes up in the corner to watch my character when I leave as another character in the game. But I want the view to disappear when my mouse goes over it, because it puts my mouse in that point in the room when it goes over the view, I tried...
  17. giraffeman210

    Drag And Drop DnD How do you make the screen shake?

    I am using Drag and Drop and trying to make it so the screen shakes for one or two seconds when he runs into the wall. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!
  18. A

    GMS 2 Is this a bug with cameras/views or am I just dumb?

    Here's a gif of my problem, it was too big to attach to this post: https://imgur.com/a/TxXDlzm Ok, so I'm using gamemaker studio 2 here. The coordinates in the top left are the coordinates of the mouse in the room and the X that appears is whether or not the mouse is colliding with the...
  19. tamation

    [SOLVED] Small sprites "jitter" when viewport is higher than view in room

    When I have small objects (Around 16x16 in width) being drawn onto a 1280x720 surface, with a view in room of about 160x90, the objects will appear blurry/jittery when moving at a speed of 1. I know it's because they have to travel a longer distance in pixels being drawn so much bigger, but is...
  20. devonhg

    GMS 2 Hands-Off Camera System

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: All Download: https://pastebin.com/NHfadPy4 Links: N/A Summary: This tutorial focuses on a hands off approach to cameras for setting up your views and port. It includes a script for making this nice and easy. Tutorial: Easy? Hard? Useful? Not? Let me know!