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view movement

  1. paulog

    Legacy GM How to invert mouse movement?

    Hello! I'm making a game in GM1.4 and the room has a draggable view, that can be rotated 90º at a time. Everything works fine if I compile it to Windows, but in the HTML5 version the mouse movement is flipped when the view is rotated. I don't know why. Is there an easy way to simply invert...
  2. AiNaKa

    Legacy GM Struggling with camera object and views

    So I wanted to try and make the view move dynamically between "subrooms". I created this system for subrooms, where when a player collides with a specific object, it will define the subroom, and a seperate object will define the dimensions of said subroom within the room. The camera object is...
  3. G

    View Scrolls to new player position GM8pro

    OK, I have a guy on the map that gets captured and then has to appear some where else on the Map. I move the Player Position to x,y but then the view 0 starts roaming the Room (the Map Below), towards the new position. I would like it to be instantaneous. So how would be the best way to do this?