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  1. F

    GML view follow issues

    I'm currently working on a top down adventure game where the view follows the player (original system created by Heartbeast): //this Code is in the step Event of the view object //update view position view_xview[0]=(x-view_wview[0]/2); view_yview[0]=(y-view_hview[0]/2); //move view towards...
  2. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Corner Collision Causing Incorrect X and Y Values?

    Hey All! I'm currently working on a recreation of the popular platformer "VVVVVV" and started using the view system in GameMaker to make small, 640x480 levels in my project. These levels are all contained within one room, and when the player walks far enough out of one view it switches to...
  3. AiNaKa

    Legacy GM Struggling with camera object and views

    So I wanted to try and make the view move dynamically between "subrooms". I created this system for subrooms, where when a player collides with a specific object, it will define the subroom, and a seperate object will define the dimensions of said subroom within the room. The camera object is...
  4. E

    Rotate Room

    From the forum I found this on "view_angle": In my step event of player1: view_angle[0] +=1; In my room properties, under viewports and cameras I have: Enable Viewports is checked...
  5. A

    Legacy GM move the view to a certain location of the room

    When a player enters to a boss area the camera should move towards the boss and stay like that until it's defeated. I sort of manage to do it, but I discover that if the player moves, while this is happening, it may move a little more to the right or left. also, it moves first horizontally...
  6. T

    out of view destroy with different views

    Need a little bit of help from you guys trying to choose a bullet that gets destroyed if it's out of two views. It's goes something like this If x < xview1 || x > xview1+wview1 || y < yview1 || y > yview1+hview1{ Instance_destroy(); } How can I check the second view without it...
  7. SquiggleyPete

    GMS 2 Moving particle effect with camera

    Hi all. I'm using Gamemaker Studio 2. Creating an atmospheric fog using particle system. The problem is that the effect stays anchored in the 0,0 coordinate of the room rather than moving with the camera. I've implemented code that is intended to address this, but it isn't working. (Oddly...
  8. TheOnlyWRT

    GML Questions about views

    Hey guys, so i would like to program in my own views using GML instead of making them in the room editor. I have read a few tutorials about views and i dont completely understand how to code them in. For example, do i put the code in my players object? or in a controller object? also, if...
  9. V

    Game Mechanics Make objects follow the view regardless of view angle

    Hello there, I'm new to this forum, and I entered here so I can look for answers. So I'm working on an engine that allows the camera to move and rotate in many angles. I'm trying to make an object where its 'view coordinates' stay constant regardless of view angle, in other words, make the...
  10. Y

    Legacy GM Views following player working weirdly with my cursor system and with resolution

    Hi, I'm currently making a top down stealth game, nothing big, got some of the mecanics working but im trying to fix a small issue I've had. My views are 640x360 if anyone wants to know. The cursor system I have is that the cursor moves with the player and it works fine untill I move outside the...
  11. W

    GMS 2 Score that follows camera

    Hello I am new to GMS2, and am programming a sonic game for a programming project. The last thing I need to do is to show the score, but I need it follow the view. I don't know what code I need or where to put it. I have created an invisible, non-solid object with the following code: x=...
  12. G

    GMS 2 [Solved] Can I hide one object (invisible) in one of the views?

    Hi guys. I am making a local multiply shooter game, using split screens. I need a stuff like bush in LoL, where another player can't see you when you are inside and he is not. I would like to know if this is possible in GMS, and how to do that. Thanks!
  13. TonyStr

    GML Smooth Camera in Pixel-art Games

    hey, im making the view settings in the room editors, and assign it to an object view that graduately moves towards the player. Of course, half pixels dont exist, so the camera movement does not appear smooth. Is there any way i can make it smooth? I'm upscaling the view with PixelatedPope's...
  14. D

    How could I switch my custom view to another object??

    So in my game you can use a minion to scout ahead in a level but the trouble is I cant figure out how to make the view follow the other object. The player still exists while you take control of the minion too. Here's the code: if(!instance_exists(obj_minion)) { x+= (obj_player.x-x)/20...
  15. P

    GML Making HUD follow the views

    Some days ago I had asked this question - Now that I'm able to move around the camera and know how it's working. I want to know how I can tag along the HUD with the view screen. Right now the HUD...
  16. A

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] x and y of the currently visible part of the room

    I'm working on a platformer. I have a big room - 2x3 screens in size. The camera (or the view) (or them both) is following the character. (this camera/view thing is super confusing... I read and read again, but I don't understand it... To me it's either views or cameras... I don't know why they...
  17. E

    GML [SOLVED]Camera View/Follow player around (centered)

    How do I get the camera to follow around the player at its center, and for it to be a small area (zoomed in) so the player has to move and explore to see other areas of the map etc if you know what I mean?
  18. Pyxus

    GMS 2 Controlling The View

    So in my rpg game I had an idea for the camera zooming in and out as a stylistic choice so that if you were, for example, selecting a player the camera would zoom in slightly towards that player, and if you then select the "move" option the camera would zoom out. I figured the best way to do...
  19. Shadowblitz16

    Question - Code what is a view camera?

    whats a view camera? is it just a weird name for the actual camera? I'm trying to retrieve the camera's position and size but all I see are camera view functions