1. gnysek

    Article Easy way of recording gameplay, with no additional paid applications (native WIN10+)

    It's little hidden feature of Windows 10, but this OS allows to record gameplay of any game (and not only - you can even use it in lot of applications), for free, and with high performance. Solution for this is named Xbox Game Bar. It should be enabled by default after November 2019 Windows 10...
  2. T

    Windows What am I doing wrong when uploading my game to steam?

    I'm on a modern patch, i downloaded the sdk, 1.42, unzipped it, set it as the steam destination. Enabled steam, entered in the steam id properly ( 1714020 ). Yet I don't get the steam notification for the game. I'll link the video below.
  3. C

    How can I add live-action footage (MP4s) in GMS2

    Hello! I'm new to game development and have an idea for my first game. I am an experienced writer, editor and content creator so I know how to make videos. But one thing I'm curious about is how to add live-action footage or video files into GameMaker Studio 2. The game I plan to make is a Henry...
  4. Mishel

    Question - Code How to add video to GMS2?

    Не могу добавить видео в GMS 2. Что делать? Can't add video to GMS 2. What to do ?
  5. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Video Splash Screen (I Know it Can Be Done)

    Before anyone says that it can't be done, Butterscotch Shenanigans does it with LevelHead, which is actually made in GameMaker Studio 2. Whether they use an actual video or not, it's done so well that it looks like one. Does anyone know how they might be doing it? I want to include the "Made...
  6. YamboGames

    Weird Fullscreen Bug (?)

    Hey, I didnt know where to post this and also not how to google this, at least I didnt find anything about it. When I open my games that are set to fullscreen, sometimes I tab out of them at the start and they become weirdly small, and I cant go back to fulscreen. Now someone has made a Video...
  7. RizbIT

    App preview Convert

    Recorded a video on iPhone. Tried to upload to Apple app store for new App preview video. Kept getting rejected as it doesnt meet their video specs. I dont get why they dont just convert the video to the right speces...would be faster... But anyway, Is there an online or freeware tool i can...
  8. Reddoka

    Can we import videos into the game to make cutscenes??

    I searched for instructions on how to create cutscenes, but they are all controlling, coding the objects, which is kinda limited to the cutscenes. So is there any way to import videos into the game to create cutscenes on GM2? If so, it would be fun :33 Thanks
  9. L

    iOS Playing videos on iOS app, possible ?

    Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to embed videos into apps for iOS. I'm cool with them playing in either borderless area embeded within the app, or they may also open iOS's video player to play them upon tap / click of a button. Please let me know if there's any way to make it happen...
  10. Michael McMullen

    GMS 2 Turn Based System

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary Turn based systems can be used in almost any kind of game. In this video we talk and program a system that runs on state machines. We will program this system so that it can automatically pick up any number of...
  11. jms

    Demo BBBEATS Music video software Beta version 2

    I have created a system for creating music videos or cutscreens etc using just Game Maker 2 It is called BBBeats and it has following: BBBeats v2.0 Beta - calculate BPM (Bpm beats per minute) for a sound, creating then signals for every position of the song. - Shader controller that gets...
  12. L

    GMS 2 Video Player Pro - (Was) free for a limited time

    Hi Guys, To honour the internationally celebrated public holiday of July 2nd 'Lonewolff Day'. We are giving gave away 'Video Player Pro for GMS2' for free, for a limited time. The possibilities are endless...
  13. Phil Strahl

    Free Memorandum (Open Source)

    You descend into the depths of the after life on a quest to free your loved one who you feel was wrongfully taken from you. But will you make it out as the person who went in? MEMORANDUM – A one-bit puzzle game / interactive narrative for the Ludum Dare #44 competition. Controls WASD to...
  14. F

    electric current sent by player through metal crates

    so what I am trying to accomplish is when the player is touching a metal crate it becomes electrified then all metal crates touching it become electrified basically frying enemies touching electrified metal until the player is no longer touching the metal crate. This is an example of how i want...
  15. C

    Switch App Video Support

    Hi. Does anyone know how I can playback HLS and / or DASH content on the SWITCH? TU
  16. A

    New to development, need some advice

    Hi there, I'm in the process of starting quite an ambitious game in GameMaker Studio 2 (for the first time) and could do with a little help from this lovely community, any links to tutorials or guidance would be appreciated. Is it possible to overlay full-screen mp4 videos at certain intervals...
  17. id07

    Asset - Extension help with Video Player for GMS 1.4

    I recently downloaded this video player by Lonewolff, here: When I follow the directions, I get the following errors: ___________________________________________...
  18. J

    Windows My game is white...

    Hello, It seems that no matter what, every time I open up a GameMaker game, developing or casual, It's just, white! Everything's functioning well, sounds, input, but no video, just, white! I have: GM Studio 1.4.9999 Windows 10: Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.285) ACPI x64-based PC Intel(R) HD...
  19. T

    Game Mechanics Tutorials

    Game Mechanics - TinyGamesLab GM Version: 1.4 (Should work on v2 also) Target Platform: ALL Download: Links: N/A Summary: Hello Folks! I'm starting a biweekly series of tutorials focused on showing off how to adapt famous game mechanics into GMS. The...
  20. L

    Implement a video as intro

    Hi guys, i´m very embarrassed to ask this, but i could´nt find any solution online... maybe i looked up for the wrong key words. So i basically made a Video that should function as the Title Screen of my Game, but i don´t have a clue how to use it. is there a function that just uses a Video...