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video games

  1. Lord KJWilliams

    Discussion The Video Game Industry vs. The Music Industry

    Ive always wanted to know the difference between getting into the video game industry as a game programmer versus getting into the music industry as a music artist. I am into both fields, but I am more familiar with what I have been told as a musician , on what it takes to get into the music...
  2. Z

    Does anyone feel like their lack of artistic ability discourages them from making games?

    I was a big active member in the game maker community (the old forum) about 4 to 5 years ago. I had a huge passion for programming and making games. Since then, I've sort of fallen out of that loop but have slowly found myself gaining interest again. I always felt the biggest thing holding me...
  3. sofaspartan

    Discussion Thoughts on Freemium Games

    Usually, I tend to shy away from freemium games when I see them on the app store or anywhere else for that matter. I am more of a traditional gamer who likes single player RPG experiences on home consoles, so when I play games on the app store and see the pay to win/pay for more lives model, I...
  4. I

    Discussion Call of Duty: WW2?

    Who is gonna be pre-ordering this game? I think I might but I need a competitive team.
  5. CardinalCoder64


    I'm asking the same question on Reddit so I figured I'd bring it to the forums to hear your thoughts and opinions. Define "video game" in your own words. EDIT: As I was engaged in deep thought during the posting of this thread, I realize I was asking a stupid question lol. My mistake.
  6. X

    Released Don't Blow Me Up! Now On Gamejolt!

    Don't Blow Me Up! HD Now In GooglePlay Store! - With Achievements! Now On Gamejolt! - With Achievements! Fun; Action, Story and More. Dive into an unforgettable journey of Esteen. GooglePlay - Download 'Don't Blow Me Up!' or download 'Don't Blow Me Up!' @Gamejolt The Windows Version of...
  7. H

    Free Fruit Killah

    FRUIT KILLAH Made by: Paul Quinn (Heat4Life) Description: Fruit Killah is a simple Point-and-click Video Game where Different kinds of Fruit bounce everywhere and you need to click those Bouncing Fruits with your Mouse to earn points and Bombs will randomly spawn everywhere - that means when...