video files

  1. Mishel

    Question - Code How to add video to GMS2?

    Не могу добавить видео в GMS 2. Что делать? Can't add video to GMS 2. What to do ?
  2. Leif

    HTML5 Playing video in canvas

    Good day Anybody knows, how can game play video, attached to project ( m4v, webm, ogv) inside the canvas after the game loads (HTML5) ? Trying to insert ArmorGames intro video...
  3. R

    Any Ideas for a new programmer on how to make a basic app

    Hi Everybody, I am new to this forum, I have done very little programming, I used to play around with VB5 and 6 back when I was a youngling and tried out Game Maker 8 for a short time, but then because of life probs I drifted away from programming, now after much deliberation after I have...
  4. Richard Horne

    Question - IDE Does GameMaker 2.0 have better support for video files?

    I want to use a video file as a background to my game, this is proving next to impossible on GM1 without marketplace extensions. Does GM 2 have better support for video files, can anyone tell me?