1. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Graphics BLOOD EFFECTS (animation sheets)

    A set of high quality animations used to spice up your games! Currently working on Platformer & Topdown perspectives with these variations: 1. Gush 2. Light splatter 3. Heavy splatter 4. Spray and more... Follow the main page on Itch.io for updates or download directly through the...
  2. A

    Do you know any game effects software?

    Hi, I am developing a game but I have a trouble with game fx such as slash animation, bomb or fire animation but all of them have to be pixel. I used to be use After Effects but it takes my time so I wonder that you have using any software which was developed for game effects :)
  3. RedKnight91

    Free Drift Spirit [racing-action game]

    Hi! Drift Spirit is a drift car sim for those who, like me, have no clue about drifting cars and don't give a damn. Perform drifts to level up your driftometer, yay! Initially born as a quick test for a movement engine, I decided to go ahead and test a lot more things which I had never tried...