1. S

    SOLVED Hi. I'm getting the error of too few vertices in polygon shape fixture for...4 objects!

    Hi. I am trying to use physics in my space shooter game . When i click play it compiles but comes up with this error for two space ships and my laser objects: ERROR in action number 1 of Create Event for (object here): Too few vertices in polygon shape fixture for(object here) I have actually...
  2. M

    Drawing triangle vertices between two 3D transforms?

    Hello, everyone. Just like the title states, is there a way I can do this? I've noticed when I use "d3d_transform_set_identity()", I can only draw triangles within that transform. What I would like to do is ultimately created skinned meshes, such that I can set the vertices of a triangle to...
  3. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] How to draw a circle, using a rectangle? (texture mapping)

    G'day G'day, How would one go about drawing a circle, using a sprite that is in the shape of a rectangle? If using 'regular' code, unless there are only very fine changes in the angle of each rectangle as you draw it around the central point of the would-be circle, the edges of each sprite not...
  4. B

    Legacy GM Applying One Texture Across Multiple Faces?

    Hello, I've been using GM for several years now but this is my first time posting on the forum so forgive me if I make any mistakes here. My problem is thus, I'm creating a game in which I have a number of textures, like this: I need to resize one side of these textures so that it appears...
  5. J

    Limited number of vertices in 2d primitives?

    Hey all, today I've started programming a system that allows me to draw planets with different layers in 2d. For this matter I've used 2d primitives, and as I need many "round" edges for the planet I've added a variable that controls the number of sides the polygons are drawn with to make them...