vertical collision

  1. J

    SOLVED Need help with current ladder code - all assistance appreciated

    I'm trying to do some basic ladder code without state (since I'm not very good writing them) and below is what I have (scroll to the end of second code posted). While the current ladder code works my problem is the player 1) keeps bouncing on top of the ladder once they reach the top----bouncing...
  2. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Player Able to Flip Gravity Twice Instead of Once

    Hey all! As a sort of pet project I've been attempting to recreate the game engine for the popular indie game VVVVVV within GMS 1.4. Everything has been going smoothly so far but I've had an issue for a few weeks now and I just can't seem to figure out how to resolve it. Within my game, the...
  3. A

    Help with basic platformer.

    I'm making a platformer for a school project and my basic code has come back with multiple problems when playing the game. 1. my left key makes me move right, but i want it to move left. 2. jumping and hitting a platform with the top of the player makes the player stuck on the platform. 3. After...
  4. RyanC

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] How to check if a colision is horizontal or vertical

    Hi All, Does anyone know a reliable way of checking if a collision is horizontal or vertical. I'm trying to make a system where my player can only tackle enemies from above or below. This code only seems to work from the right! (sprite width is 64 with centered origin) if x < other.x {...
  5. Jamie572

    GML Player Not Staying On Top of Vertical Moving Platform When Moving Upwards

    Hello! I've been attempting to create vertically and horizontally moving platforms for the small game project I'm working on. The horizontal platforms work perfectly; however, the vertical do not. When the player jumps on to a vertically moving platform that is currently in an upwards motion...