1. gnysek

    Discussion [Proposal] Free asset deformation on asset layer

    While making my current game, I've come to an idea what would be really useful in GM:S 2.0. Since now we have "asset layer" on which we can put sprites instead of objects, it would be nice, if we can transform them. My proposal is, that at least you can select on how many sections sprite should...
  2. Anixias

    Legacy GM Game doesn't actually close..

    Occasionally, on my cousin's pc, my game will only close the window, but not the actual game, eventually throwing a vertex buffer error message, even though his game is closed. It also prevents multiplayer from working as sockets are already in use, and therefore he cannot actually connect...
  3. BMatjasic

    draw_vertex_texture, repeated triangle texture

    Hello everyone, Recently I've been messing around with vertexes and I wonder, how would I be able to apply a repeated texture on a triangle, because I've been pretty unsuccessful with xtex and ytex arguments... The way I currently draw it is: DrawTerrain()...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Wrong uv coordinates causing stretched/torn model textures.

    This is applicable for both "d3d_model_primitive_begin" and "draw_primitive_begin_texture", and due to the characteristics of the method of approach, I'm forced to use "pr_trianglelist" (else concave polygons are drawn incorrectly with overlapping segments). Instead of having to re-define the...
  5. Binsk

    Modifying Vertex Buffers

    I just realized something somewhat peculiar. I always assumed modifying vertex buffers really wasn't something you could do after they had been defined. Then, when thinking about it, the whole purpose of vertex_freeze is to make it read-only and thus faster to submit. However, if it is...
  6. T

    Force software vertex processing

    My game runs faster with this option turned on. (Everyone says it will run slower and this should be used for debugging and compatibility purposes only) My CPU: i5 4460 3.2 GHz My GPU: GTX 960 Software VP: 480~ FPS Hardware VP: 410~ FPS
  7. J

    Limited number of vertices in 2d primitives?

    Hey all, today I've started programming a system that allows me to draw planets with different layers in 2d. For this matter I've used 2d primitives, and as I need many "round" edges for the planet I've added a variable that controls the number of sides the polygons are drawn with to make them...
  8. MusNik

    Asset - Scripts Physics Textured Terrain

    Download: Physics Textured Terrain can be used for creating textured terrains for physics games. It takes points from ds_list, converts it to triangles and draws on screen via primitive model. It creates physics fixture on...
  9. Misu

    Changing a vertex position

    Is there a possible way to change a vertex position within a vertex buffer format?
  10. M

    Ordering vertices on a plane

    Good day. This could fit in to some sort of 2D issue as well but my project is in 3D so I guess I just keep it this way. I have been working on a project to harvest vertexes and build a level from a brush based editor. I got so far with it, it actually works in well most cases and this part...