version control

  1. samspade

    GML Git and Github for GameMaker

    GM Version: All (2.3) Target Platform: All Download: None Links: YouTube Playlist Summary: A tutorial series focused on understanding Git and Github and how to use them with GameMaker. While I will be using GameMaker Sutdio 2.3, the basic concepts will be applicable to all versions of...
  2. csanyk

    Version control - should there be a .gitignore for GMS1 and GMS2?

    I use github for my version control solution. When I create a new repository, there's an option to set a .gitignore appropriate to the dev tool or language that I'm using. Of course, GameMaker Studio isn't one of the options. How can I define a .gitignore that would be appropriate for GMS1...
  3. B

    Question - IDE branching with GIT version control

    Hi, I'm no expert with using GIT but I'd like to try and using branching in my GMS2 projects. I'm using the inbuilt GIT support in the IDE. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any information about how to do branching with it though. Does anyone know if it's possible; and how? Thanks