1. xDGameStudios

    Asset - Scripts [VECTOR2] xVector2 is yet a another clean vector implementation (FREE)

    [LINKS] xVector2 (marketplace) xVector2 ( [API IMAGES] [INFORMATION] This is a Vector2 Class asset libary with a good amount of functionality to get you covered for most tasks (GMS 2.3+) [QUICK GUIDE] 1) This module implements a constructor class so you just need to do: var...
  2. Lord KJWilliams

    Discussion CS Head recommends the feature of GMS allowing the importation of AutoCAD data for designing rooms in GMS

    The head of CS department of my university , wants to recommend the idea of a GMS feature, that allows the import of data from the program called AutoCAD ( used for architectural blue print designing , AFAIK ) for the GMS Room editor. He says that if GMS were to allow the import of project...
  3. S

    GML Calculating a non-axis aligned bounce/reflection vector for collision resolution

    Non-axis aligned 2D reflection vector GM Version: 2.3 (demo is for 2.3 but the concept would work in any version) Target Platform: All Download: A link to the freely available source code and project is available here: Links: Tutorial Video and Github link Summary This video tutorial builds...
  4. Binsk

    3D 3D Vector Rotation Direction

    Howdy! So I have implemented a brute-force solution for this and I am hoping someone may know of a more efficient method of doing this. I am implementing a script that calculates a quaternion I can use to rotate a vector from its orientation to some other specified orientation. The issue of...
  5. FacesOfMu

     Suggested Edit to docs page for Vectors and Trigonometric Functions

    Hey all, I'm not sure if this is the right place for making suggestions for the GMS2 Docs pages, so please move if necessary. For us newbie users and people trying hard not to reinvent the wheel, on the Vector Functions page can you add a suggestion to readers to also check the Trigonometric...
  6. QatariGameDev

    iOS GMS2 & Mobile Game Development challenges!

    Hi GMfolks, Not sure if this only me or not, But since GMS 2 released, I started to see the most games have been published or promoted in YoYo Games mostly are pixel arts or retro-inspired games that targeting the consoles (Switch, PS4, etc..). That's fine, But for mobile game development, I...
  7. D

    Legacy GM d3d_transform_set_rotation_axis

    The function d3d_transform_set_rotation_axis(xa, ya, za, angle) is confusing to me. I'm aware that the angle argument is how much you rotate around the axis. It's the other three arguments that I'm confused about. I know as much as "they set the vector that the object rotates around." But how...
  8. Nathan

    Mac OSX Creating vectors from pngs for GMS2

    I've recently decided to try using vectors for some of my sprites to get much higher quality scaling out of them. All of my sprites are currently gif and png (2D sprite game), so I need to convert them to vectors that GMS2 can import. I tried using photoshop/image ready to export as swf, but...
  9. M

    GMS 2 Java vector array equivalent for GML?

    As someone who is partly coming from Java, it was possible to store vectors in an array. I've tried looking at ds_list, but it's confusing as to how to access an X and Y slot... So for right now I'm forced to use this awful thing: enum Inv { Item = 0, Amount = 1, X = 2, Y = 3...
  10. L

    GML Swarm Optimization & Collisions?

    I'm currently developing a swarm that chases you around the map and just have a few questions regarding optimization and collisions which don't use the built in speed variables. Optimization Each alien member uses a position, steering, and velocity vector to update its x and y position. I plan...
  11. Joe Ellis

    3D Interpolation across a triangle

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to calculate what the texture coords would be at a 3d point on a 3d triangle, linearly interpolated between the coords at each vertex? I know its quite simple but I cant get my head around how it actually works, I need to interpolate between each 2d...
  12. Shadowblitz16

     (Suggestion) Array based math functions

    can the yoyo devs add array based math functions to gms2? this would include functions for.. points rectangles vector2 vector3 vector4 this could be handled with built in arrays and functions It would spare people like me who have never learned these things in school
  13. RyanC

    Legacy GM Vector Sprites Causing Hundreds of Texture Swaps

    Hi everyone, I'm getting hundreds if not thousands of texture swaps while using SWF vector sprites! This project is 10 months on the way and all the backgrounds have been completed after many months of hard work. Today I found this bug report online which states that in GMStudio SWFs use...