variable bug

  1. konkrz

    Windows Code sometimes works, sometimes doesn't

    Has anyone else encountered issues with code sometimes working and sometimes not? Personally I have seen it with instance_place_list and with for loops. I think it only happens in instant events (Create, Destroy etc) not in step/draw. Thinking more about it, i think it is about variables...
  2. DevilKap

    SOLVED keyRun, hSpeed, and vSpeed are mysteryously "undefined" in PlayerStateFree

    The h and v speed are clearly defined in the player create event (seen below): and keyRun is also clearly defined in the player step event (seen below): However when I test my game, this happens: When I re-define keyRun in PlayerStateFree, this happens:
  3. N

    GML Object Variable being utterly ignored

    if state == 0 && instance_exists(ob_electron) { // Only if the wire is active and the the electron is present will this code run. var e = instance_nearest(wire_start_x, wire_start_y, ob_electron); // Assign the nearest instance a temporary variable. if...
  4. K

    Drag And Drop always: 'variable not set'

    Hello! Always i have this problem. I don't know what to do to repair this bug. Please help.
  5. J

    Question - Code Changing the speed of an object also changes the x coordinate

    In a game that I am making I made a flamethrower that spews out little flame objects, but while testing the game I found out that some were getting spawned slightly to the right of where they should be spawning. After I looked through my code I was confused by the fact that nothing should be...