1. W

    Question - IDE UWP

    Does anyone know what's going on with UWP? I know win8 apps have been depreciated for UWP in GMS2 but I see all the win8 and windows phone functions are still present in the IDE. Do the win8/phone functions work with UWP or are they just for backwards compatibility. Admittedly I have never...
  2. S

    UWP Help trying to get UWP for GM1.4 to compile to phone

    Has anyone had any success compiling GM 1.4 to Windows 10 Mobile using the UWP module? I was told by tech support that it was complicated to get it to work and a tech blog was going to be made, but the guy who writes the tech blogs doesn't even know if UWP can be compiled to Windows 10 Mobile...
  3. ShaunJS

    OFFICIAL Web, UWP, Mobile targets available - Beta Newsletter #4

    (copied from original blog post: https://www.yoyogames.com/blog/408) Hello everybody! This is our 4th newsletter covering all of the ongoing developments surrounding the GameMaker Studio 2 Beta. Mobile, Web and UWP available We're happy to announce that our latest release brings the Mobile...
  4. A

    Job Offer - Programmer UWP AD's (Paid)

    Looking to hire someone that can make a plugin for UWP AD's or show me how to add AD's to UWP Platform.
  5. C

    UWP UWP Games don't start

    Hi, I'm wondering if anybody is/was facing the same issue as mine. After a lot of issues compiling games using the UWP target, I was finally able to do it successfully. Problem comes when opening the UWP app, the game window opens for a few seconds but suddenly closes with no error displayed...
  6. D

    Has anyone used In-app Purchases for Windws UWP??

    Hi So we have an app that we have successfully published to both Android and IOS. We decided to export to UWP as well and put on the Windows store. It has passed certification and is available but I cant seem able to buy iap's I have submitted my IAP's as addons in the Developer Console and...
  7. Samuel Venable

    Discussion Since the release of GMS2, a sudden change of plans...

    Aside from the 1.x GameMaker: Player needing to ultimately die in the near future, (and the YYG staff seeming to avoid my thread about that) There is the fact they used to have on this page: http://www.yoyogames.com/get The out-and-out statement that 1.x users will have access to the full UWP...
  8. herrMartinelli

    windows uwp, xbox one export

    hi! i need some help to export my game for uwp / xbox one. ich have installed visual studio community 2015 with all needed modules. windows 10 sdk is also installed. game maker studio pro has passed the check. now if i try to compile my game for windows uwp (like to test my game on my xbox...
  9. H

    UWP Question about the UWP export

    Yes I know that the UWP export hasn't been released and won't be for a couple months still, but I was wondering something. Will the UWP export actually support the full UWP? Like not just Win10 desktop, but also Win10 phones, Xbone, etc. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to keep this in here...
  10. W

    Windows first time publishing to windows uwp

    Hi, so I finally got around to publishing on windows uwp, but my game doesn't work correctly at all, the get_open_filename function does absolutly nothing, and worse still the dll I use to enable on screen drawing not only doesnt work, it shuts down the game. when I uploaded it to the windows...
  11. Z

    UWP get_string dosnt work under windows 10 universal platform

    I have a problem I want the players to be able to give there name. So I made a name button and there I set a time when you hold your mouse button over it for 5 seconds it prompts you to give your name. Now this works in Windows Native and Android (I cant test Mac, Linux and IOS). But it dosnt...
  12. M

    Windows UWP Compilation Errors

    So I got GM:S on the Humble Bundle and proceeded to use my new liscenses to export my games as Windows, HTML5, and UWP formats... Windows .exe and HTML5 worked great, but I've been having lots of issues with UWP... After lots of fixing, I've managed to use Visual Studio to build the required...
  13. P

    UWP UWP monetization?

    Is it possible to insert ads in games exported for uwp? For windows 8 and windows phone there is an ad tab for these targets, I can't see anything for uwp?
  14. D

    UWP Quick tab

    Hello, I want to ask you, if there is way to disable quick tab or quick action in UWP module on Windows 10 mobiles ? I hope you know what I mean. When you slide from top to down on W10 Mobiles it shows. (there are WIFI, Bluetooth, Hotspot, Camera, notifications, etc..) EDIT: 1 more question. I...
  15. ZeDuval

    UWP This goddamn export - Help needed!

    Anyone able to get the UWP export to work and offer some help? I can truly say that I did and tried everything in the last few days, including but not limited to: - Windows reinstall - Windows update to annivesary edition - Countless dates with the visual studio installer - Compiling blank C++...
  16. S

    When compiling to UWP; a blank screen pops up, and compiler says "lost connection with app"

    When compiling a game (that normally compiles well to desktop) to the UWP module; a blank screen pops up, and under compiler it says "lost connection with app". My game normally compiles great to the default windows desktop. I followed all the instructions in the tech blog "how to set up UWP...
  17. A

    UWP Windows UWP + ADs

    Has anyone gotten Windows UWP to publish with ADs? If they could share the steps. I am getting multiple unknown errors
  18. JML

    UWP YYC "error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol" / "fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals"

    Greetings this is a follow onto a previous thread i made. the yyc compiler is not working, previously i thought the problem was due to an in game iap but i attempted to remove it and compile and it failed when trying to compile the create event of the first object in the game which only have...
  19. F

    UWP Error creating UWP YYC

    I followed the instructions but can't get my project created with UWP /yyc. Maybe somebody has an idea? The console shows: Project1.vars.cpp C:\Users\Home\Documents\GameMaker\Cache\Project1\Default\Scripts\Project1.vars.cpp(44): fatal error C1010: unexpected end of file while looking for...
  20. F


    Has anybody tried to deploy a game to Xbox One via UWP? As far as I know it's officialy not supported. But I wonder why... I thought that UWP is universal... as the name says :) Experiences?