1. Dave Chappelle

    UWP Store submission rejected because of "back button"

    Hi my newest App submission in the Windows store and I got this feedback: I got this problem since the beginning: How can I handle the Back Button in UWP (Hardware button on phones & the back button on tablet mode on a PC)? When you press the button without optimization the App just closes...
  2. The-any-Key

    UWP http_post_string in UWP bug?

    Is the http_post_string intended to work in UWP? I try the game with a ordinary windows export and it works fine and I get back a callback event. But in UWP it just do nothing and it crash without an error message when I do anything else in the game. It do call the http_post_string when I...
  3. S

    UWP How to Make a Native Extension for GMS 2

    Hey, I am working towards making a GMS 2 Native Extension to use Xbox Live multiplayer in UWP, do you guys have any idea where to start? Thanks, Seb
  4. Jason Bentley

    Xbox One UWP 1.x Added support for basic Xbox Live sign-in handling?

    In 1.4.1767 release notes, it states: UWP: Added support for basic Xbox Live sign-in handling So when I make an asynchronous system event it states that the xboxlive_gamer_tag_for_user function or script doesn't exist. Is there some Xbox Live extension I have to import? var _type =...
  5. Big_Macca_101

    UWP file_find* functions crashing UWP apps and games

    Hi guys, I opened a support ticket about a month ago as whenever you use the file_find functions, the application will freeze up and immediately crash without logging anything but haven't had anything come from it. This is effecting Windows 10 Mobile, Desktop and Xbox, just curious if anyone...
  6. Big_Macca_101

    UWP Can build project's but can't test inside gamemaker

    Hi there, I'm able to use the UWP export to build a project and manually install it, but as soon as i run it from within gamemaker i get the following error, anyone able to help? C:\ProgramData/GameMakerStudio2/Cache/runtimes\runtime-\bin\dpdeploy.exe -s -c...
  7. Big_Macca_101

    UWP Setting up Xbox Live creator program?

    Loving the new 2.1 update to GMS but couldn't help but notice there is an Xbox Live section under the UWP settings, is anyone aware of how to set this up and where to download an SDK, or are we going to have to build our own UWP DLL's to actually interface with the Xbox Live API?
  8. actruncale

    UWP Mouse Cursor Displaying in build

    I am trying to build my game for UWP but the original mouse cursor displays when I run the game. I've unchecked the checkbox to display mouse and have used window_set_cursor(cr_none). It works on all other builds (MAC, PC, Linux) but UWP shows the original cursor. Also, the cursor shows up in...
  9. D

    UWP Store certificate problem.

    Hello guys, I have a problem with certification to Windows store. I tried reinstall Visual studio 2015. I really don´t know what to do to pass this. Can You help me ? Game Maker EA 1.99.551 Game Maker - Install certification is OK Thanks for help :)
  10. P

    UWP Game runs slower when no other processes are active

    Hi, When running an UWP game the framerate is lower when nothing else is active on the desktop, but having something more demanding open, like the youtube frontpage, the game performance jumps back to normal. e.g. the delta_time when only GMS2 is active: (value is too high) delta time when...
  11. Big_Macca_101

    UWP Slow and glitchy window resizing

    Just curious if there is any reason why resizing UWP windows would be acting like this when resizing windows? This is done from a blank project so no code.
  12. Big_Macca_101

    Question - IDE Visual studio 2017 UWP?

    Hi there, I recently installed visual studio 2017 seeing GMS 2 supports it now, I setup the YYC for windows easily but was curious if anyone has been able to set it up for UWP exporting is is 2017 not yet supported for UWP?
  13. S

    UWP WindowsPhone10 UWP Hide Menu Bar

    I can´t find any info on how to enable/disable/hide the Menu bar (back,home,search) on the WP10 device? The strange thing is that on one of my apps published on Windows store, the Menu bar dissapears automatically as it should, but on the new game it doesn´t? Is there any Settings for this...
  14. C

    [Solved] UWP Mouse not Visible

    I have setup my desktop as the test device for UWP. When I compile the app, the mouse is not visible. The mouse is visible for resizing the screen on the sides and for window control buttons at the top - but is not visible on the game surface. Clicking the mouse works, just can't see it. I...
  15. C

    UWP UWP Screen Sizing

    GSM commands regarding screen sizing appear to be ignored in UWP and I don't know which parameters I am setting incorrectly. 1. Under Options for Windows UWP - The "Allow Fullscreen Switching" button has no effect whether checked or not. 2. The commands window_set_size...
  16. L

    Discussion question about UWP module.

    Hi all, since the upgrade discount is ending 30th April, i need to decide what module to "upgrade" soon, and got some question about the UWP module. As i saw on wiki, UWP is basically for win 10 and win 10 mobile platform. If i do not have that module, will i be still able to build game for...
  17. Meester Dennis

    Show adds on UWP (Windows 10 mobile)

    Dear people, I'm Dennis and I have some little educative applications for the Netherlands. My applicaties have banner adverstising on Android en Apple. Last week I released my applications on UWP (Windows 10 mobile). I want to create some Banners on this devices. But I cant find any tutorial...
  18. Jason Bentley

    UWP for Xbox, left analogue stick shows mouse

    UWP for Xbox One for GMS 1.x, the left analogue stick moves my player, but also moves this Xbox black mouse cursor all over my screen constantly? Do I disable mouse somehow? Then when submitting to store make sure that the appx build is not used for desktop, since Desktop I'd want mouse to work...
  19. Underground

    UWP Can't run UWP projects HELP PLEASE

    Hi, I'm trying to get UWP module to work, but can't test or compile any project. I get this error on the output: Package creation succeeded. C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe DONE C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c ""C:/Program Files (x86)/Windows Kits/10/bin/x86\signtool.exe" sign /a /v /fd SHA256 /f...
  20. W

    Question - IDE UWP

    Does anyone know what's going on with UWP? I know win8 apps have been depreciated for UWP in GMS2 but I see all the win8 and windows phone functions are still present in the IDE. Do the win8/phone functions work with UWP or are they just for backwards compatibility. Admittedly I have never...