1. samspade

    Asset - Extension Array Functions Extension

    Available for GMS 2 Description This extension contains a number of functions to extend the usefulness of arrays. A number of the scripts accept custom functions. You can create custom sorts, custom array searches or filters, and more. Functions include: Extension Functions array_valid_index...
  2. samspade

    GML Utility Array Functions (now available)

    There are a number of utility array functions I use and I've recently been taking some javascript courses so I wanted to formalize and add to those functions and make it a free to use utility package. I'll upload it to the marketplace at some point. If anyone wants to use them feel free, but...
  3. Daniel Mallett

    Asset - Graphics 2D Grid utility

    I have posted my first Gamemaker marketplace utility. It's a 2D grid with a whole number of a features. I am selling this for$1.99 but I am willing to give the first three copies away for free. https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/8239/grid-utility Please contact me on support@avivo.biz...
  4. ZeDuval

    Scripting for intermediates: Utility-Functions

    GM-version: GMS Target-Platform: All Content: Introduction Colours & Terms Utility-Scripts & Function-Wrapping An extension as a bundle, turning scripts into functions Last words 1.) Introduction Welcome, fellow Gamemaker, I keep a personal Utility-extension with...