user interface

  1. B

    Ring Health Bar Help?

    TLDR: I'm looking for a method of creating a "ring" or "circle" health-bar that doesn't use any of the draw_[shape] commands (which are apparently somewhat broken according to the below linked thread) A lot of the UI in my current game project is designed around a "ring" or "circle" health-bar...
  2. D

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] UI with rotating Camera/Views

    Hello everybody, I am currently working on a project in Game Maker Studio 2 which requires the camera/view to be rotated quite frequently. I have all of the figured out, however now that I need to start working on the UI, I am having some issues. I need to have the UI drawn to the screen...
  3. M

    Block system like Scratch and Google Blockly

    I would like some help in creating a block system similar to what is used in Scratch and Google Blockly. Like the sidebar with all the blocks which you select from. This is for a small project for my college class.... Any kind of help will be appreciated
  4. Avyrra

     [Suggestion] Mouse Control in the User Interface

    I love that I can zoom and pan in the workspace now, however after messing around for quite a while now, I often find that I cannot do either with the mouse wheel so long as the cursor is within a window. In fact (although you kinda have to put some effort into it), it's entirely possible to...
  5. Tthecreator

    Asset - Scripts uiZ - ultimate ui framework

    CLICK HERE to go to the marketplace! Click here to got to GitHub! It feels good to finally up this tread on my latest ui asset which I have been working on for years now (I think i started in 2016 somewhere). I've now made uiZ FREE and OPEN SOURCE for any non-commercial usage! Please checkout...
  6. Bingdom

     Current Game UI

    Hello, I'm getting closer to release my third mobile game, but I need some feedback for some of the designs on the UI. Please tell me what you think of it so far. 1) During gameplay Note: The '4x' flashes different colours, and gradually gets bigger the higher combo you have. 2) Homescreen...
  7. Jaqueta

     Row VS Wheel Menu

    Hello Devs, On my game, on the start of the level, I have a "Augment Selection Menu", basically, it allows the player to choose a Single Augment for that level, but, as the development was going on, I was getting bothered with the current Menu I have, specially for Gamepad users,for...