1. Lord KJWilliams

    Windows Does a GMS game share Windows OS USB automatic mounting device detect feature?

    Im not sure about this, but does a GMS game share Windows's USB automatic mounting detection feature, where if I plug in a USB flash drive ( or USB hard drive ) into a USB port, the Windows OS detects the USB device and shares this information with the GMS game, which then the GMS game validates...
  2. R

    Yoyo Runner Crashes Upon Launching App On Phone

    In the android preference settings it shows that both the JDK and NDK are set up correctly. I have both devices on the same network and when I launch yoyo runner on my Samsung galaxy s8, and compile the code on my laptop it begins to connect. After it connects it starts to run the game although...
  3. J

    Legacy GM Portable GameMaker on USB?

    Is there a way to put Gamemaker on a USB drive so that I could run it on a school computer without installing it? To be clear this would be the FREE standard edition of Gamemaker Studios 1.4, NOT the pro version ( which vwould violate the EULA). Is this possible? If so, how?
  4. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension USB Host Android for Arduino, Pics And other microcontrollers

    USB Host Android for Arduino, Pics And other microcontrollers Marketplace: Primal category: Extension Price: $19.99 (was $39.99) Modules: Android Support: Description: Now you can connect your electronic...
  5. RyanC

    Android Push to Android device without recompile

    Hi everyone, For some reason I'm unable to load my game via wifi recently, anyone know how to push the game directly to the Android device like GMS does the first time. I'm currently having to disconnect the usb cable and reconnect it again, only to have Game Maker recompile the whole thing...
  6. PieBaron

    Arcade Encoder Support

    I bought a Zero Delay arcade encoder so I can play my game with some big buttons.. but after running this code from the help file, it apparently isn't detected? gp[0] = 0; var gp_num = gamepad_get_device_count(); for (var i = 0; i < gp_num; i++;) { if gamepad_is_connected(i) gp = true...
  7. P

    Could I run Gamemaker off of a USB?

    I have Gamemaker pro on my personal computer (WINDOWS 10) at home and I was wondering if I could just put it on a flashdrive and run it on other computers, such as a school or library computer (also windows 10), without having to reinstall Gamemaker onto that computer. Would this not be...
  8. F

    Tutorial: Making older gamepads work in GameMaker

    Hey guys, I recently got an NES-style gamepad for a work-related project. It doesn't work on the new gamepad functions, but the old joystick commands will make it behave. I wanted to share for future reference. Those joystick inputs seem a little more limited, but are working! Here's the...