1. If Programable_Matter

    Html5 sprite_add(url, false, false, 0, 0)) Sometimes works

    I have been using the sprite_add function to load up images in my program I've been developing. The code works perfectly fine when using windows however it sometimes works on html5..... Not all the time.... I upload images on my webpage which has (SSL/TLS) "https://" ..... However I've noticed...
  2. FrostyCat

    Asset - Scripts Request Master: A new era for HTTP requests in GMS 2.3+

    Request Master Bringing out the true potential of http_request() since 2020 Overview This library for GMS 2.3+ provides a set of extensions for easily encoding, decoding, and sending HTTP requests. The encoding tools support application/x-www-form-urlencoded, multipart/form-data and...
  3. Morkinas

    SOLVED Draw score from online

    Hello, Is there a way i could draw score instead of getting a pop up. current code: var score = 5; gmsb_post = http_post_string(WEBSITE+string(tagid)+"&getscore="+string(score),""); HTTP code: var r_str = "null"; if ds_map_find_value(async_load, "id") == gmsb_post { if...
  4. Cyranh

    GMS 2 Embedding a Google form inside my game

    Hi everyone, I just made a Google form to collect player feedback and for them to report bugs and crashes. It's embedded on my website through the html embed URL. Would it be possible to somehow embed such a form into the game so people can give feedback without even leaving the game? That...
  5. B

    HTML5 How to test multiple clients?

    I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but how do I test multiple clients on my PC? Is it correct to simply additional multiple tabs pointed to the same localhost address and port?
  6. S

    Checking URL? [SOLVED]

    Hello, I'm Henry. I've just released my first game (made with gamemaker! :)) and, there's a small... problem. People are just embedding my game onto their site instead of purchasing a legal license from me. This, is not good. Is there any way to check the url of the site that my HTML5 game is...
  7. N

    Legacy GM JSON reading from URL.

    Hi. var wrjson = '{"status":"Success.","p1":"NoFontNL","s1":"26"}'; wrjsonlist = json_decode(wrjson); var worldrecord = wrjsonlist[? "s1"]; var wrowner = wrjsonlist[? "p1"]; draw_text_outline(x-240,y+52,string(worldrecord) + " by " + string(wrowner),4,c_black); works, but var wrjson =...
  8. RyanC

    Android Posting to Facebook & Twitter via the URL Method

    Hi Guys, I've recently implemented some post sharing on various social media for in-game rewards to help my app get exposure when released and I'm having some issues with opening the Facebook app. Example url https://facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=https://facebook.com/page_id/videos/video_id...
  9. T

    Sprite/Image from http

    Hi, I need help to draw an image from an url. I have downloaded the image with the function http_get(), but I'm not sure how to continue from there. :/ I tried saving the result in a surface(buffer_set_surface) and draw it(draw_surface), but without luck. Do anyone have an example how to do...
  10. andev

    GMS 2 GM2 easter egg

    As you block the connection attempts, game maker progressively uses angrier URLs
  11. C

    Legacy GM Open URL in new link

    Here is my problem, I can't seem to open this link in a new window here is my code: // Tweet out this url_open("https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=Just played Apple Pie 2, here's the score I got "+ string(global.lvl2cscore) + " BEAT THAT! &hashtags=CmiPlay, ApplePie2Beta") I already tried...
  12. O

    HTML5 Alternative to Sound_Add for sound external URL

    Hello. Since Sound_Add is removed, how can I play a sound that is located in a direct URL? like I want to play the sound from http://www.website.com/sound.wav Thank you.
  13. G

    Writing then Reading URL Information

    I am going to write the code and the questions I have correspond accordingly. Let's say I have two objects... object_writer Create Event: http_post_string(/*QUESTION 1*/, 123); object_reader Draw Event textToRead = /*QUESTION 2*/ draw_text(x, y, textToRead); Question 1: What is an example...
  14. D

    HTML5 Add Sprite Url

    Hello, for some time we can not add a sprite with a url. How to do ? : s My code : Create execute code: //Use sprite_add("URL",image_number,remove_background,smooth,xorigin, y origin) //Replace URL with the url of the image you want to retrieve spr_webimage =...