1. G

    Upload a game file to a web server

    Hello! I'm making a project where the player has to make an artwork while playing the game. My idea is that, when the game ends, it takes a screenshot of the player's masterpiece, send to a server so that It can be posted on a website, like a gallery. The screenshot I know can be saved using the...
  2. Architheutis

    Final works for upload to google play

    Hi Folks, that´s the first time of uploading a game on google Play. First I put my first project as an alpha version, there. But I must do some changes within the AndroidManifest.xml I use Android Studio for it. But I cannot change anything, because there is just a read-only-permission...
  3. IE Entertainment

    Non Gaming App!

    Hello, y’all! So I was asked to create a non gaming app for a potential client. They want a custom real estate app where their clients can download documents as well as sign and upload documents to a server. They also want the ability to view video content. Yes, I know this all sounds like it...
  4. Let's Clone

    iOS DLC Questions..

    I know VERY little when it comes to DLC release. So I'm mostly looking to be pointed in the direction of some articles and documentation. But I do have a particular situation that I'm in. You see, I'm currently writing a meditation app... in Game Maker, haha. After all, they say the best tool...
  5. RobertRamsay

    Question - Uploading (413) Request entity too large

    Using GMS2.0 v I cannot update one of my existing packages (project). I also tried manually but it has been 'processing' for well over a month now. I get the messgae Package upload failed: The remote server returned an error: (413) request entity too large. Sadly, it looks like the...
  6. S

    Windows Submitting Game

    I'm looking into submitting a puzzle game I made with Studio. Is it possible to upload games here? I looked at the showcase section, but it seems like the game has to already exsist somewhere.
  7. Le Slo

    Steam Game not running

    Hey, So I've been trying to upload my to Steam and after some attempts and some small victories, I'm in a dead end, not finding anything on google, steam or yoyo documentation. I have achieved to upload the game to steam following this two tutorials: (specially this one because I use GMS2)...
  8. M

    GMS 2 Guys, I need someone to give me runtime

    I need you guys to upload your runtime for me, because i can't download it from IDE. I tried the runtime in account.yoyogames.runtimes and too not working Please upload your runtime from %programdata%\GameMaker Studio 2\Cache\runtimes\<Your Runtime> That's for windows i don't about mac, any...
  9. G

    Android How to send myself a file from a mobile device?

    Until now, I've been using the http_post_string() function to allow testers to send me debug logs from their mobile devices. (It sent to a PHP script on my web server, which then emailed me a copy.) It appears that we can't use http_post_string() within Android any more, although GameMaker...
  10. 2

    Asset - Project Marketplace Refuses to Upload yyz Project Asset, Gives Error

    I'm trying to upload an asset to the marketplace. It's a yyz file so can import it into Game Maker Studio 2. Whenever I try uploading it under versions it says "You must select the correct GameMaker Studio asset." I haven't been able to upload any versions yet. Why's it saying this. Am I...
  11. BulleTech Studios

    Question - Uploading [SOLVED] GMS 1.4 support for existing Marketplace assets?

    As the thread title suggests, is it at all possible for us developers with GMS 1.4 assets on the Marketplace to support these assets with further updates, or should all GMS 1.4 assets on the Marketplace be considered not-supported anymore? Apologies if this has been asked before, I've been...
  12. kammer_black

    Marketplace upload problem

    Hello! I'm having a annoying problem uploading my package to the marketplace. When I click OK, the upload starts, but after a while it stops and the message appears: Package upload failed: The request was aborted: request was canceled I already posted another asset before and gave no problem...
  13. haloregit

    Question - Uploading Uploading Marketplace

    Good day I am trying to upload 9 backgrounds of about 72MB, but it only gets about halfway then I get this error: The moment I remove 7 of the backgrounds and only upload 2 then it seems to work fine, but the moment I try more that 2 I get this error. I tried googling and tried to find...
  14. B

    Steam Please help! Not uploading file to Workshop with steam_ugc functions

    Hey I have been building DASH for 8 months and about 50 people are waiting to alpha test the Workshop implementation where you can upload/download user generated levels. And everything is perfect except that no actual content gets uploaded to Steam. Only the empty shell...
  15. Turbulence421

    Workaround for streaming Mp3 files?

    Hi everyone, I have a project where users can import their own music. I know that audio_create_stream only works with .ogg files. I was wondering if any workarounds have been developed for streaming .mp3 files. I've heard that you can stream .wav files with a buffer and...
  16. clee2005

    Mac OSX Submitting MacOS .pkg

    Is anyone Submitting Mac Apps at all in GMS 2.1.4 ( or GMS2 period )? I can build the .pkg successfully, but when I upload it to Apple via the Application Loader I consistently get the following errors : I've tried adjusting the Category setting under Options - Packaging, but it has no...
  17. RizbIT

    upload images to server

    simple question... i have a godaddy shared server can i upload a user selected image from app to the server using GMS v1.4x
  18. P

    iOS Missing Info.plist value - A value for the Info.plist key 'CFBundleIconName'

    Hello, i have Gamemaker 1.4.1772 When i export my game and try to upload to AppleStore. I get this error Missing Info.plist value - A value for the Info.plist key 'CFBundleIconName' I look like the Icon 1024x1024 is missing. How can i add this to my iOS game setting. Thanks
  19. Turbulence421

    Windows Solved! Basic Question on Choosing a Server

    Hi everyone, This should be an easy question. I'm just terribly new to servers and there's something I'm struggling to figure out. I bought an asset on the Marketplace which lets you upload and download files from a server. It works by converting the files into buffer, and then an encrypted...
  20. S

    How do you upload a video on Gamemaker?

    Hello! I'm using studio 1.4, I need to upload a video for a cutscene. I will greatly appreciate your help!! Thank you!!