1. cdgamedev

    Discussion Upgrade From Steam Version

    https://www.yoyogames.com/get2# says that you can upgrade Studio 1.4 to Studio 2 for a discounted price. Was wondering if this will include the Steam Version of the game or not. Thanks, Callum
  2. 8BitWarrior

    HTML5 Bacon Blitz

    [Bacon Blitz] Defend against waves of enemy swine by launching mortars and managing your troops. Earn coins to unlock weapons and upgrade your units! PLAY NOW on Kongregate!
  3. A

    Legacy GM Using 8.0, Should I buy Studio?

    I've been using Game Maker since 8.0 came out (5-7 years?) as a hobby, just playing with mechanics and systems and whatnot. Recently I've taken Game development more seriously and I am in the early stages of making a game I plan to sell on Steam. I am extremely familiar with 8.0, and can make...
  4. G

    Help needed after upgrade

    Hi, I've got quite a frustrating problem on my hands.. I have spent a long time recreating my game from scratch to streamline it as the frame rate was getting quite low, it's an ambitious project but after painstaking efforts I managed to get my game to run at over 600 FPS which I have been...