1. Bjulin

    Android Match Effect

    A match 3 puzzle game with a twist - yes, it is unique and entirely different! And yet it remains addictive and fun! You are in control of one piece, move it across the field and swap places with neighboring blocks. Your task is to move it across the board, within 6 moves in such a way, that...
  2. D

    Unique Card Game, what do I classify it as?

    I personally hated CCG and TCGs. I had Pokemon and found the rules overly complicated, and same goes to MTG. If anything I see most of them as money grabbing companies with a formula to pry player's addictions to collecting and feeling satisfied, and dueling others while needing to pay to play...
  3. DarK_SaCoR

    Android Google Play Services: Unique Id and Name

    Hi, I've a game created with Google Play Services Version 2.9.0. When I login in Google Play, I get an unique Id (g00000000000000000000) and a Google Play Games nickname but now I'm start another project with Google Play Services Version 3.0.1 and I get other Unique Id (without g) and the real...
  4. Crescent

    Portfolio - Audio Vivid Sound - Another Composer's Portfolio

    Greetings all! I am a composer and sound designer with many years of experience, and I figured I'd drop my portfolio site here. If you were a regular of the GMC years ago, you may remember me as gamereality. Vivid Sound My style could be described as flexible, or unique, and I have a large...
  5. M

    exclusive content

    How do we make exclusive content? like lets say only pre orders get a certaing skin or unit for the game. I have not been able to find any sort of documentation on this,
  6. E

    Free [Android & IOS] Color Glide, an original, colorful, and unique puzzle adventure!

    Hello everyone, Yesterday we released Color Glide, a fresh type of puzzle game that involves mixing blocks & solving all of the over 50 levels. We have a new level every day, so there's always something new to do! Download: Official Trailer I've been working with Game Maker for...
  7. D

    Create a random number that is unique

    Hello GM community, I'm currently developing an application for multiple platforms and I came across this issue. After days and days of rigorously looking on Google and the whole Internet I still can't find a sufficient answer so I decided to post a thread here: All in all, I want to create a...