unique id

  1. GunnyBoy

    Converting string to object name to return object ID

    I have objects used for the player to collide into to change rooms called "o_transition". Each object has a unique with a naming convention (current_room_to_target_room) and has a a variable for the current room it's in and the target room to move to in the creation code. I'm trying to find a...
  2. Lens

    SOLVED Problems identifying specific object and thus changing its variables.

    Good morning/afternoon/evening! :potato: I have many instances in a game called oBomber. Also I have an object called oTank, which has a range (collision rectangle). Once oBomber gets inside the oTank's collision rectangle, it should lose HP (to make it simpler, as for testing, now it just...
  3. BabyBlueJeff

    Unique identifier for objects that get destroyed?

    I'm currently making a dungeon crawler and working on the inventory system. On my map, I have two trash cans in different locations, but both are technically using the same object. As the character walks through the dungeon, it will create an instance of a trash can object if detected on the map...