1. DarthTenebris

    Design Art Style Feedback

    Hello everybody, The time has come where I can enjoy making games again. For now at least. Anyway, I'm looking to recreate the Undertale "feel" in my game (Undertale turned out to be very deep, I only watched a speedrun before starting my project). How did I do, and what can I do to improve...
  2. C

    GML NPC Cutscene?

    So I'm recreating Undertale for the sake of practice, but im changing it to the time chara fell down. Everything is going well so far and i fixed my last problem (i think) But now i want chara to walk into the second room, take a few steps, and then have a cutscene start where asriel starts...
  3. G

    Full List of GM 8 vs. GM Studio

    I should have asked this in the first place... Can anyone provide a full list of all requirements between Undertale Demo- made with GM 8- and Undertale Full, made with GM Studio? Comparing two such lists can prove helpful and enable me to get the Full version running. I've managed to get...
  4. R


    HEY GUYS ME IS HERE (such English) I want to make a game like undertale I got all the sprites and I am new to GMS 2 So as I was making it I wanted to make a object which the player can collide to and it should be invisible. I am not able to do it plz help. I am very desperate to make this game
  5. G

    How Do I Make An Undertale Styled Save Point With Physics World Properties Enabled ?

    I'm also kind of new to coding... but I was just asking how would I code in a simple saving statue/save point that asks me to save the game.... I tried adding a save option but the room physics wouldn't let me... It looks like this: Here's the error
  6. P

    Windows Trying to make an Undertale fangame...

    Hey... so, does anyone have any tips on how to make an Undertale fangame in GameMaker 1.4? Here's what I want to learn how to program: An intro story similar to Undertale's Making the transitions from room to room smooth Making something similar to your first encounter with flowey Creating a...
  7. IngoLingo

    Demo Kolosse - A monster collecting fighter

    It's like Pokemon mixed with Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter, with a pinch of Undertale. https://gamejolt.com/games/Kolosse/291280 This is a project that I have been working on for the past few months. Using Game Maker: Studio 1.4. I already have most of the mechanics finished or created a...
  8. B

    Legacy GM My doors won't work :P

    So hello guys, I have a problem with my "doors" not working, I've been trying to fix that for a couple of days but it still doesnt work. I have 4 object, 2 types of objects, 3 rooms I want to move freely between. (My exits don't have any codes according to the video by RickyG here > ) Both my...
  9. L


    (I'm new, so sorry in advance if this is in the wrong place!) Okay guys, I wanna make an indie game... I have a base game mechanic, a story, art assets, the music, and basically everything else I would need to complete said game. The only problem is... I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PROGRAM!!! This is a...
  10. Uneven Pixel Studios

    Alpha Maxim Oddysey

    So my rpg game is coming along smoothly, and I finally have some screenshots for it. I mostly just wanted to get some feedback on the asthetics of the game, and also some feedback on its current state. The Title Screen One of the rooms in the game with the HUD and 5 enemies A Battle Sequence...
  11. A

    Discussion Just Got Undertale: What Should I Expect?

    I know what Undertale is. I've listened to a few of the songs. I'm even making an Undertale-themed level in Alexander Julian: Credit Course (check it out), but yet I have not played the game until now. I just got a Steam card and used it to buy the game after constant nagging by my friend...
  12. D

    Legacy GM Code help

    Okay, i'm using RickyG's battle system. I can't figure out though, how to make a linear speech. (turn by turn, different speech each time you spare him.) I think maybe putting each thing he says into a separate string, and then telling it to "choose" them linearly. (aka mercy once, str[1]...
  13. M

    A system that you close game and activates an event

    I don't know anything about programming for now , but I wanted to study such a system, as in undertale , you close the game , back , and activates an event
  14. X

     Challenge Master WIP

    I started Challenge Master about last year. I was trying to think of some way to challenge people's reactions and skill. It took some time to get the finished idea, but it was worth it. I called myself Xyclone, so I could upload games without using my real name. Challenge Master is a game in...