1. B

    Steam Please help! Not uploading file to Workshop with steam_ugc functions

    Hey I have been building DASH for 8 months and about 50 people are waiting to alpha test the Workshop implementation where you can upload/download user generated levels. And everything is perfect except that no actual content gets uploaded to Steam. Only the empty shell...
  2. N

    Steam GMS 1.4 Steam workshop UGC upload failing

    Hello everyone. I’m having trouble with the user generated content features (UGC) used for uploading content to the Steam Workshop for a game published on Steam. The UGC upload results in a blank workshop item without any picture, title, description or content. The async_load result...
  3. L

    Linux UGC items cannot be loaded on Linux

    Hi, I'm one of the developers por Relic Hunters Zero. We are adding mods support for the game through steam workshop, using GMS 2. On windows and mac it is ok, but on linux, even though steam_ugc_get_item_install_info gives the folder for the installed item, a call to file_exists always sayas...

    Steam Workshop trouble (UGC - steam_ugc_set_item_content)

    Hi! I have a problem with function steam_ugc_set_item_content. I made in my game level editor, and I want to bind it to the workshop. I did everything by example on var app_id = steam_get_app_id(); var updateHandle = steam_ugc_start_item_update(app_id, global.Publish_ID)...
  5. Juju

    Legacy GM Steganography, imgur and Twitter

    Steganography, imgur and Twitter GM Version: 1.4.1757 Target Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux (possibly others, compatibility untested) Download: Download | Mirror | Version 1.0.0, ~2mb .zip file containing: .exe demonstrating the code .gmz version of the demo (though without my authentication...