1. J

    How to have multiple text input boxes

    So I need up to 6 players to enter their name. That's it! I know how to make 1 textbox, but not how to make multiple boxes that you need to select before typing a name in it. Any help would be appreciated! :) The code I currently have for 1 working textbox comes from this page...
  2. Goldoche

    Steam Type Knight has released!

    Type Knight is a short atmospheric typing game. Type as fast as you can on your keyboard to survive. Discover what lies at the end of the cemetery at the cost of your life. Available now on Steam and itch.io! TRAILER FEATURES Dynamic Weather: During the game, fog, wind, rain and lightning...
  3. JDedu

    Demo Click Clack Typing - A 2D platformer that teaches typing

    Hi all! I am working on a 2D platformer that teaches you how to type. It's called Click Clack Typing! It's in the intermediate stages of development. The way it works is that basic movement is mapped to typing commands, so you have complete control of the character. The yellow arrows allow...
  4. W

    GML Creating a (sort-of) Typing Game Mechanic

    Not necessarily a typing mechanic, but one that works similarly. I'd like to create a game in which you deal damage by providing the requested inputs that appear above enemies. Instead of typing out words as one would in an actual typing game, the player would use only two inputs (for example...
  5. giraffeman210

    Drag And Drop Player in game typing

    Can I make a way for the player to type something in my game? I would like the player to be able to type in a number and it sets a variable to that number. I am using GMS 2 and DnD Thanks!
  6. Mythi.T

    GMS 2 Clicking/Text Output/Input?

    Hi. I wanna make a automatic clicker program [autoClicker] (if you don't know what they are look them up) combined with an autoType feature The autoType would work like this: Say you have discord open, and you have the program running. You would activated the program And it would ask you what...
  7. Misbug

    Steam The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia

    Morbidware recently released a game I worked on made with Game Maker called "The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia". It's a typing game mixed with bullet hell features in which you control a rogue exorcist that has to type spells in order to free the soul of possessed people. There's a...
  8. S

    Forum Game How many words can you type per-minute?

    Howdy everyone! I thought this would be fun and interesting to see. I recently have been having some fun testing out my (totally) mad typing skillz, and thought I'd share my WPM with you all. Try it out and see how fast (and accurate,) you are :D I took mine here...
  9. M

    Windows Typr - How fast can you type? - Development Complete

    [Demo] All the information on this page, including price, in-game screenshots etc. represents the state of the game at the current time which is Demo, they will be updated over time as the game evolves from a small prototype to a fully fledged game. Please note that this is the first devlog in...
  10. Rikifive

    Legacy GM Drawing Characters One By One With Different Colors

    Hello there, Currently I'm trying to draw a text, where characters would be printed one by one and where some words would be drawn in a different color, to highlight them. However, I'm not sure how to approach that. I tried to think of something, but that all quickly became confusing. What...
  11. R

    I need some help guys

    Hey my movement system in my game is going to be a roguelike, i have a simple procedural generation system (It generates the same map each time though.) But my movement system is going to allow the floor to change to a letter, such as y and when y is pressed you will move to that spot, it will...
  12. J

    Android Telegraph: Learn Morse With Android Beta and Windows Demo!

    Howdy, y'all! Are you ready to experience the exciting frontier life of an Old West telegraph operator?! That's right! You, too, can learn Morse code and experience the cutting-edge tech of the Wild West in this incredibly life-like computer simulation. Coming soon to a mobile device near you...
  13. R

    A little help checking off a variable string against an entry in a DS_list (etc)?

    Hi again everyone, It's been a while! I've had a tiny bit of spare time recently, and I thought I'd get back into some gamedev stuff. I've only been back into it a couple of days though, and I've hit something of a road block! Basically, I've been trying to figure out a way to make an engine...
  14. XirmiX

    GML Weird typing mechanism glitches

    Two problems; if I have this code, I will be able to: * Type by pressing keys * Delete by pressing backspace * Delete by holding down backspace ///Typing code //Checks whether this text box is selected if self.selected == true { //Keys held down if keyboard_check(keys_allowed) &&...
  15. E

    Help with logic of a "Town of Salem" type game

    I've been toying with game maker for a long time, but I'm just now attempting to get serious. I'm having issues with logic for the first kind of game I want to make. I want a choosable amount of players, name input, random assignment of roles to each player, and so on, similar to the game...