Windows Detect controller type for correct button prompts

    What is the current best way to detect a controller type? I would like to display button prompts automatically according to the type of controller. - gamepad_get_description(gamepadID) is unreliable. When ran from Steam, it always returns "Xinput Standard Controller" - even for a PS4 or another...
  2. 2

    Asset - Service What Type of Assets do People Buy?

    A question for those who've sold assets on the Marketplace. What type of asset are people more interested in buying? Things that solve programming problems like scripts and engines for particular parts of games, or: sprites, sounds, and music resources?
  3. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 Testing a script for controllers (request)

    I have been creating a script that detects certain controller brands (Xbox, Playstation, etc) that would change the in-game button prompts when detected. The problem is I have only one controller that works and I was hoping some here would test to see if their controller(s) would check to see if...
  4. Samuel Venable

    Suggestion Forum Suggestion: "Contributor" Member Type

    I think I've heard @YellowAfterlife say that he has contributed code to GameMaker Studio before, (correct me if I'm wrong Yellow), and I've done this before about 3 times already. Well, actually only one of the code snippets I contributed was officially accepted so far, which is borderless...
  5. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] Can't connect to (new type) IP address?

    I have set up a network connection. The game runs when setting IP adress to the one that the server is running on, but when running the client and entering the. The new IP address format is what I'm getting, but the old format is indicated as something that doesn't work either. Is there some...
  6. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] How do I turn an int into a float?

    I have come across this issue before, where the program won't trigger a certain event because it's checking a float with an integer value. Is there some way to turn an integer to a floating point number? I've searched for this, but couldn't find what I wanted or in fact anything related to this...
  7. B

    Legacy GM Buffer write [SOLVED]

    How do you decide when to use buffer_u or buffer_s? And how do you decide when to use buffer_u8 or buffer_u16 or buffer_u32?
  8. 2

    Steam 2 Questions on Saving for a Steam PC Game

    Two Save Questions 1. Does the basic save system ( game_save() ) work for a Steam PC game? 2. What is the best type of save system for a Steam PC game (ini, txt, ds_map_secure_save, ect)?
  9. 2

    GMS 2 Test If Layer is Tile Layer

    How do I test whether a layer is a tile layer, or not, in code without knowing beforehand?
  10. matharoo

    Forum Game Nerd Stories

    ^^\ With only 8 words to type, let's make... /^^ ~NERD STORIES!~ Rules: 1) Type only 8 words for the story. 2) You may not make another post if the last post or the second to last post was yours. 3) No intentional grammatical errors. 4) There's no ending! Keep it going! ┼~---+++---~┼ «0--...
  11. W

    Mario Typed Movement(Enemy)

    Hi, I am working on a Mario type game and I need help with the enemy movement he is supposed to hit the wall and go the other direction. Thanks, WolfYouTube
  12. R

    event_perform(ev_left_press, 0);[SOLVED]

    I don't like to have a lot of events so I rather use only the common events in every object like create/step/draw Now I need the left mouse button pressed event because it checks the objects collision, however when I launch the game and use the function event_perform my script(I use it in the...