1. Kezarus

    Streamer Recommendation

    Hey, wanna to have your game streamed by a very upbeat streamer? Look no further! Twitter: Curator page: Cheers! Kezarus
  2. BCrash

    Velocity - Twitch Racing Game controlled by chat

    VELOCITY is a Twitch streaming game controlled by chat commands (yes, it's designed to work with Twitch's delay). To start type play in chat (while no one is playing). Then use a to move left or d to move right. You get points for avoiding other cars and collecting coins. Once you crash your...
  3. S

    Twitch overlay problems

    So hello my dear friends! :) I'm working on a project in gamemaker studio 2 and trying to make a twitch overlay game just got a problem, I have searched a lot into this but can't find anything, so here I'm. The question is how would I make a gamemaker game work as an overlay in OBS?
  4. AnomalousArcane

    Game Dev Streamers

    Just curious if there are any other game developers that also stream? If so, what methods have you used to immerse yourself within the streaming community?
  5. L

    DS_Map and twitch follower JSON file[Solved!]

    Greetings. I'll post the twitch json(the part I'm having trouble with) then explain { "follows": [{ "created_at": "2016-12-14T00:32:22.963907Z", "notifications": false, "user": { "_id": "129454141", } }, ... ] } What I want from this is to grab the...
  6. C

    Legacy GM Json decoding error

    Hi, I'm getting json data from twitch but for some reason at decoding it sometimes I get error message. Here is some of my code: if(global.check_players) { var json = async_load[? "result"]; // Decode json var map = json_decode(json); I...
  7. rockzom

    Please Follow the GameMaker Studio Twitch Community

    If you use Twitch, please follow the community here. If you stream on Twitch, consider streaming under the GameMaker Studio community as well. This will help us network as well as drive more people to the GMS platform. Thanks!
  8. C

    Legacy GM [Solved] Twitch overlay game

    Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to create Twitch overlay game for my streams, but i can't figure out how I could make players join it automatically when they enter to my channel. Now viewers have to type "!join" to join but it would be awesome if I could make automatic. :) I'm using this...
  9. E

     Freestyle Fridays | A Twitch-chat, interactive game

    Hello Game Maker friends! Tis' I, Ecky. This is my second project on the work in progress board. But this one is much smaller scope. I am proud to present to you: FREESTYLE FRIDAYS Freestyle Fridays are a weekly stream where the streamers freestyle rap to random generated topics and...
  10. rockzom

    Twitch streaming channels

    Note: I tried to adhere to the community guidelines to the letter here, and I am including this intro paragraph to be even more explicit. If you aren't interested in watching a Twitch stream or hearing my brief story, feel free to take a pass on reading this; however, if you are interested in...
  11. ShaunJS

    Building a game or overlay

    GM Version: GameMaker: Studio 1.4 or GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: Windows Download: n/a Links: GMTwitch by kbjwes77 - Twitch Oauth key: Twitch Client ID: (sign in to twitch...
  12. F

    Twitch API on GameMaker

    Recently I've been thinking of making a Twitch IRC bot in Game Maker. I watched this tutorial that uses an API of a website to get random names from specific countries. It's just that the Twitch API is quite a bit more complex. Does anyone know if there are any tutorials on that? Or can anyone...
  13. Pyxus

    Legacy GM Need Help Storing Players Into List

    In all honestly, I'm beginning to feel like I should perhaps drop this "project" until i'm more proficient at the game maker language. Also, I apologize if the title is misleading cause i'm not exactly sure how to explain my problem but i'll try since I feel as if i'm missing something...
  14. kamiyasi

    Legacy GM A current Twitch Chat API?

    David Lawrence and kbjwes77 have made scripts that allow GM to integrate with Twitch chat, but the former seems to be out of date and doesn't work anymore and the latter leads to a broken link that doesn't seem to be going to be fixed. Web scripting and server calls isn't my thing so I wouldn't...
  15. M

    Free Skilly Shooterstars - Free game for iOS and Androd

    Hello GameMaker comunity! This is skilly shooterstars, my first game! It started out as a project to learn game maker but it slowly become polished enough to the point I tought it could be published.. It would be really awesome if you could leave any feedback here or review the game on the...