1. G

    Tutorials for daily rewards or offline (away) earnings?

    Hello, i tried to find tutorials for daily rewards or offline earnings but i didn't find anything for gamemaker studio...so, have you? Where? Can you share a link? Thanks!! Edit: i just noticed i posted this thread to the wrong forum, how i can delete it?
  2. luuckyyu

    Any good starting tutorials for beginners?

    Hello!! I'm a fresh, brand new egg to the GameMaker community and the software itself. This may be a long-winded introduction but I hope you'll bear with me haha. I've had a game idea in my head for a good few years now that I've been putting off because I have zero experience in coding (though...
  3. Nathan

    Design Looking for detailed tutorials on the Room Editor (building stages)

    I've been away from the forum for quite some time, but have been using GMS2 since it debuted. Back then there was only 1 bare bones tutorial available on how to use the Room Editor to build stages. I've built some test rooms but am ready to start making proper well organized Rooms/Levels for my...
  4. Nocturne

    OFFICIAL GMC Archive Celebration of Life Tutorial Jam

    GMC Archive Celebration of Life Tutorial Jam 25 November 2019 - 7 January 2020 In response to the upcoming removal of the GMC Archive, @Wayfarer, @Nocturne and @FrostyCat are organizing a tutorial porting/rewriting jam for reference material on the GMC Archive. Through this event, we hope to...
  5. Elgarion

    GMS 2 Sound Tutorials

    Hello dear fellow developers! Recently, the clunky sound system I spent days to develop seem to have been quite broken, probably by an update, (or maybe it just collapsed under the weight of my bad practice ^^). I just spent some time looking for decent & recent sound tutorials (3D, emiters...
  6. matharoo

    Drag And Drop Making Your First Game: 9 Free Tutorials [Drag & Drop]

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: https://www.udemy.com/makegames Summary These 9 free tutorials introduce you to GameMaker Studio 2, its interface, workflow and Drag & Drop. They're part of my 2.5-hour course on Udemy. Tutorials Introduction to GMS2...
  7. Let's Clone

    What classic game would you like to clone?

    Hey guys! My name is Steven French and I make clone tutorials on my YouTube channel. I have a heaps of fun making theses and I try to keep the code pretty simple for new developers to learn. But I have a question for y'all! Which classic titles would you be interested in seeing a tutorial...
  8. Y

    my game making journey so far

    One day i was telling to my brother that i always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. he said : do you know that there is a game to learn guitar?,it's called rocksmith 2014 ,you should buy a xbox. so i bought a xbox 360 and ordered the game online and started playing /learning . soon enough...
  9. D

    Legacy GM Making a Tycoon-style game - any tutorials available?

    Okay, I'd like to make a Tycoon-style (think Gamedev Tycoon, nothing really complex) game in GM. The reason I want to use GMS 1.4 is that I got it when it was given away for free (the Standard deal) and I simply can't afford GMS 2 (and I have other uses for $100 anyway, like Steam Direct fee)...
  10. HanggaraArif66

    Free Sky Surfer -- old game made in game maker.

    Hi guys, I'm kind of new to this forum thing so pardon me if i'm making mistakes. So i've been creating games for about 6 years already but I've never published any, because I'm afraid of bad critiques and stuff, so some of my games ended up as a scrap project. But I guess I want to share some...
  11. O

    Question - General Using Marketplace tutorials

    @rant ON Probably a stupid question answered many times, but still posting it without searching because I'm a bit salty about YYG not putting up any kind of information about what to do with the .yymp files you download when you subscribe to an official begginner tutorial on the marketplace...
  12. @

    Randomizing questions

    Guys? how to randomize a room for a question .Game maker 8.0 pro here
  13. K

    Shaders What's a good place to learn shaders?

    I'm absolutely hopeless for finding a good tutorial. Basic, easy-to-understand tutorials preferably, for obvious reasons. I really want to stick some kind of old scanlines/screen-burn type shader in my game but I don't know ):
  14. M

    Drag And Drop Drag and Drop tutorials

    I'm very new to GameMaker having purchased GMS2. I will over time learn GML but want to start out with Drag and Drop. I'm just wondering if there are any tutorials for drag and drop? I have followed the YoYo games drag and drop tutorial but want to get some more experience of it. I can...
  15. S

    Beginners Start Here!

    I see folks new to Gamemaker on the forums looking for some good tutorials to get their game making ambitions off the ground. Now there are a lot of good tutorials out there from the likes of Shaun Spalding, Heartbeast, etc. Some of these are directed at beginners, others are not, but most are...
  16. W

    Discussion Tutorials Won't Download in Trial Version

    Hi, I just downloaded the trial version of GMS 2 hoping run through the official tutorials. However, after clicking to install any tutorial, the progress bar for downloading gets to around 50% then suddenly disappears, and I am back to square one. Also, the official demos won't import either...
  17. Animation_00#

    Question - Code New - How relevant are GameMaker tutorials with GameMaker 2?

    Hi everyone, I just upgraded my gamemaker that I got from a humble bundle I just got started and have blown through the first tutorials on here but are there more tutorials out there that are somewhat accurate? I've worked with other engines in the past where there were some really...
  18. P

    Shaders Shaders & Surfaces?

    After a question I asked a while back, I'm here again to get more info. What are shaders strengths / weaknesses compared to alternatives (if any)? What exactly are surfaces usually used for, and what are their strength / weaknesses or pros/cons versus any alternatives? Any good tutorials on the...
  19. T

    Legacy GM Search function for any platform

    hello dear GMakers I browsed internet and forums i didnt find nothing for search option or function, just for windows 8. Is it possible to make lets say just for numbers, lets say i enter number 2 and press search to go to selected room2. Or 73 for room 73...? I trying to make something like...
  20. U

    Any collision tutorials or help with collisions?

    I've been looking at a number of tutorials trying to find one that would help me out. The "Coding Breakout" tutorial has a problem where you can get the paddle to intersect the ball when hitting it from the side. A few people have told me it's probably poor coding or a bad tutorial or...